Friday Favourites #110

Happy Friday team, how are you all today? I’m very excited that the weekend has finally arrived. Did anyone else feel like we were never going to get to Friday? I don’t know why I felt that way as it’s not been a particularly stressful week but nevertheless it’s felt long! Anyway, onwards and upwards, to the things that have made my week excellent in today’s Friday favourites post.

<> Firstly, top of today’s Friday favourites list, we have the puppy visiting. She brought the parents with her last weekend to fix the shed door. And it meant we had a morning of cuddles and play. Including a full 40 minutes of her sat on my lap as I finished the jigsaw. She’s the dreamiest pup around.

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<> Also making me smile this week – holiday planning. This week I’ve been researching for our Australia trip and I’m so very excited about seeing family and exploring the country. It’s going to be a blast. I also booked a hotel for my friends wedding so role on May for another fun weekend.

<> International Women’s Day always makes me happy as it’s so wonderful to see people celebrating the incredible women in their lives. So that’s definitely making today’s happy list.

<> Is anyone else a massive fan of Disney’s Mulan? It’s one of my favourite ever Disney films and I was obsessed with the soundtrack as a kid. So you can imagine my delight when I spotted that someone has reenacted the beginning of one of the best scenes in it – the song ‘I’ll Make a Man Out of You’. You can watch the short clip on Twitter here and it’s so brilliant!

<> Talking of favourite films, they’re doing a sequel to one of my other childhood faves – Mary Poppins. And the trailer was released this past weekend. Doesn’t it look so intriguing and also so true to the original. I. Cannot. Wait.

<> I restarted Friends on Netflix this week and it’s bringing me such joy. It’s been forever since I watched the really early episodes so it’s like rediscovering them all again. Such fun.

<> While I was a massive fan of the snow I’m even more excited to see some blue sky and spring sunshine this week. It’s such a welcome change. It was almost nice to few almost too warm in my winter coat. What a relief that winter is finally relinquishing it’s hold. Hooray!

<> Rounding up this week’s Friday favourites list is my upcoming Mother’s Day plans. We’re planning a day out with The Mothership that includes the Hummingbird Bakery, before heading home for one of Dad’s spectacular roast dinners. It’s going to be an excellent Sunday. Lucky me!

I hope you’ve all had an exceptional week and have a lovely long list of favourite things. What would be top?

– Fi x