Friday Favourites #112

Happy Friday people! How are you all today? And how’s your week been? Mine’s been lovely, so we should just head straight into this Friday favourites post and get celebrating the happy things. Don’t you think? Rather than me waffling for AGES!

<> So first up we have lazy Sundays, aren’t they just the dream? Thanks to the snow I was able to snuggle up with coffee and cake on my bed and read for a peaceful couple of hours. It was bliss. I chose Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the illustrated edition, as my book of choice as its too unwieldy to carry anywhere and I was, as usual, wowed by the stunning illustrations. Jim Kay really has done an incredible job with them. I love his work. Also there’s nothing quite like delving back into a favourite world is there?

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

<> Next up we have some cooking – I’ve been trying to cook more recently as it’s fun and works out cheaper than eating out all the time. And this week’s lamb and butternut squash curry was a complete success. It was delicious, easy and relatively healthy. We’ll add it to the blog soon, so watch this space!

<> I feel like it’s been a week of good food, hooray for that! As I’ve also been spoilt with an Easter themed donut of joy from Doughnut Time – just look at it!. Plus lovely meals at Canteen (homemade pies for the win) and a Mexican feast. Lucky, lucky me! Plus I made a chicken, ham and mushroom pie which was incredible. Food is the actual best!

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

<> I’ve also been loving the sunshine and lighter evenings this week, so that has to make an appearance on the Friday favourites list. Hasn’t it made such a difference? It’s been delightful! Although it has still been freezing. But you know, you can’t have everything!

<> Rounding out this week’s Friday Favourites list we have Peaky Blinders. We finally finished the last episode of season 4 last night after a serious binge session and I loved it so much. Although, I’m somewhat bereft now that it’s over. What will I watch now?! Seriously though if you’ve not watched the show you really must as it’s brilliant. It’s such a sophisticated show, the storylines are excellent and the acting is superb. Plus I just have a real soft spot for some of the characters. Although it’s definitely not an easy watch at times, that’s for sure!

So there we go, a slightly smaller Friday favourites list this week. Mainly because I couldn’t have another food related point! Anyway, tell me, how’s your week been? What would make your list?

-Fi x