Thoughts on Being Greener


There’s been a lot of talk over the last couple of months about saving the environment, cutting down on plastic and generally treating the world better. I like it. We should be thinking, talking and doing better. So I wanted to write about that today, but it’s a slightly different post because while I could share a post about what I’m doing about being greener, I think that we all know what we need to be doing. And I don’t want to share a post that everyone else is also writing. Yes, okay I may have a slightly different take on it, but in reality the list is the same; use a bamboo toothbrush, recycle more/better/properly, no single use plastics (or at least less of it), buy (and use) a reusable water bottle and reusable coffee mug, etc. So rather than a what I’m doing to be greener post I’m going to be sharing a few things that I’ve noticed now that I am thinking more about the environment and how what I do impacts it.

*I keep saying do better, because I know that there are still further improvements I can make. I’m not perfect, I don’t think anyone is, so this is an ongoing evolution for me.*

Thoughts on Being Greener

<> I don’t actually need a cappuccino everyday. It turns out that homemade cafetière coffee is just as good. I still feel awake and also less full from all that milk. Plus my Contigo coffee mug keeps my coffee hot until 10:30am. So I can slowly drink it for my first couple of hours at work without worrying about getting distracted and returning to a cold cup of coffee.

<> I’m drinking more water at work. I drink a lot of water at home – we have four glass bottles in our fridge filled with tap water that are used on rotation – but at work I don’t drink as much. But now that I’ve invested in a reusable bottle I am filling it up more often at work, and drinking the whole thing each time.

<> I’m spending less. Because I’m now bringing coffee from home 2/3 days a week and because I always have water with me I am definitely spending less on coffee from Starbucks.

<> Vegetables wrapped in plastic. The other day I refused to buy courgettes because they were wrapped in plastic. As much as I wanted them I couldn’t find any that were loose and ready for me to buy. Sometimes I don’t want or need four courgettes, so why can’t I but one or two? And even if I do want four, I don’t need them to be covered in plastic.

<> My bag is so heavy now! Taking my bottle of water and coffee mug to work most days is quite an effort. Luckily I have a backpack so I’m not ruining my shoulders, but still it’s worth mentioning as I didn’t think about that when I decided to be more environmentally friendly.

<> Let’s talk plastic straws. Isn’t it ridiculous how easily these are given out at bars and restaurants? And even in coffee shops. I purposely avoid plastic straws, but I still get given them at certain times. It will be interesting to see if this will change soon. Will drinking establishments move to paper straws, or at least hand them out less? I know Starbucks have started this, but I hope they remove plastic ones altogether and that other places come on board soon.

<> I have reservations about recycling. Now this may sound weird considering what this post is about, but let me explain. I think recycling is great and I believe it needs to be done more. But sometimes I see the bins being collected and the rubbish bags are thrown into the same rubbish truck as recycling boxes. It makes me wonder if all the rubbish sorting is actually pointless. Are we spending time washing out tin cans and juice cartons only for the recycling efforts to go to waste right at the end of the process? I’m not sure. Whatever the answer is I will keep being greener and making these changes, but it is concerning.

So there we are, those are my thoughts on being greener. What do you think? Are you trying to do your bit for the environment? What have you noticed, what are you thinking about the trend at the moment?

Laura xx

Photo credit – Photo by Teddy Kelley on Unsplash