Friday Favourites #114

Greetings friends and HAPPY FRIDAY! Does anyone else feel like this week went by super fast? Or is that just me? I did only work a three-day week so that might have something to do with it, but whatever the reason it’s been a lovely speedy week. So let’s make that number one on today’s Friday favourites post. After all a lovely speedy week has to be a good thing, right? As the weekend is already in touching distance despite it feeling like we’ve just finished the last one. Oh joy!



<> Number two on the Friday favourites list? Well that’s easy. It has to be my third viewing of Hamilton. I went again on Monday night with some of my faves and had the best time. Everything about it was perfect and it was just such fun. Each time I see it I’m amazed at how funny and how completely incredible it is. I really cannot express how much you all need to see this musical. It’s amazing.

<> In other news we had the Easter weekend, so of course that makes the list of Friday favourites. Even though I was ill the ENTIRE WEEKEND, yes the whole time, I still had a nice time. I mean being forced to lie on the sofa surrounded by your favourites while you read or Netflix and eat Easter eggs is only going to be a good thing. Especially when it last for four whole days. The actual dream. Am I right?!



<>Another exciting thing this week is that I went to my first ever Lush Book Club. This week’s book club was with Katherine Arden, the author of the Winternight series, of which I’m a big fan. I adored both The Bear and the Nightingale and The Girl in the Tower. So it was lovely to hear Katherine discuss her books, inspiration and the importance of heroes that are both sexy and serious. The night also included getting chocolate cupcakes, a free copy of The Girl in the Tower and lots of free Lush goodies. Interestingly the three free products that we were given were all specifically chosen as they were linked to the themes or characters in the book. How cool is that?

<>I’m very late to the game but this week I finally got round to watching Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and LOVED it. It was so beautifully acted and the storyline was gripping. I’m super pleased the story went where it did as I was worried it was going to go too far or unrealistically at the end. If you’ve not seen it you definitely should!



<>Other things that are making me happy this week include the lovely spring like weather. It’s really been so so beautiful this week. Yes it’s been a bit nippy, but it’s also been wonderful. And the lighter evenings coupled with the blue skies has made such a difference to my life. Why do I always forget that?! Also we went to The Charlotte Street Hotel earlier this week for cake and coffee and it was so nice. I fell in love with everything – including the bathroom wallpaper, the hotel facade and my cute Easter nest cakes. So cute!

So there we go, some happy things from the last few days! What’s made your week awesome? Do let me know!

Fi x