Friday Favourites #116


Happy Friday one and all. How are we on this fine day? Sorry if I sound too cheery, I’ve got today off so even though technically I’m typing this on Wednesday night, I am currently basking in the glow of a four day week. On the other side of that next week will be my first five day week in a long time. And by long time I mean since before Easter. Eek! I actually do not know how I will get through next week! Please send all the good vibes my way. Thanks! So now I’ve told you all about the highs and lows of this week and next let’s more onto the reason why I’m here talking to you all. That’s right it’s Friday favourites time. Are these favourite posts your favourite thing ever?

So last night I was lucky enough to be watching Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Part One (with Part Two scheduled for tonight). I say lucky, what I mean by that is that I’m lucky enough to have a sister who is organised enough to get online and purchase tickets months in advance. And yes I know I saw this last year, but it’s my two favourite things – Harry Potter and theatre – combined, so I will always, always go back. Always.



You might have seen Tuesday night’s crazy golf antics over on Instagram. If not, I think you can see the highlights in my stories here. We had such a great night at a new indoor crazy golf club that’s opened in Oxford Street. It’s the same chain as the one that us Evans sisters took my Dad to for Father’s Day last year, and let me tell you it’s just as good.

There’s something very decadent about having cocktails delivered to you while on the green of a crazy golf course. I could definitely get used to that. I wonder if that’s why Trump golfs so much?? Hmm!

Today I’ve got fun plans to catch up with my cousin. I’m not sure what we’re doing yet, apart from HP, part 2 tonight, but I know it’s going to be a good day.



I’m lucky enough to work along London’s Embankment which has the glorious Embankment Gardens along it. I walked through there earlier this week and the beds of tulips looked absolutely stunning.

On Sunday and Monday night I spent a good couple of hours planning and researching for my Australia trip. And we actually booked stuff. Hooray! June suddenly seems a hell of a lot closer – eep!

Okay, one last thing for the favourites list and obviously it involves food. And not just any food, but brunch. Brunch at my favourite place. The Railway Tearooms by Streatham Common station does the best vegetarian breakfast roll, so when we stopped their on Saturday morning I obviously ordered it and swiftly devoured it!

How has your week been? What would be on your favourites list this week?

Laura xx