Friday Favourites #115

Greetings you lovely humans and how are you on this sunny Friday? I’m on the final day of the first full five day working week for a LONG time – three weeks to be precise – and that makes me equal parts happy and exhausted. Let me tell you, the weekend can not come soon enough. That’s for sure! Anyway, enough waffle from me, let’s dive straight into this week’s Friday favourites. Which is incidentally one of my favourite blog posts to write!

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

<> First up, we’ve got to talk about this weather. Yes I am that predictably British! Isn’t it glorious? It suddenly feels like summer has arrived with bells on and it’s completely taken me by surprise. Weren’t we complaining about the snow recently!? Anyway it’s made such a difference to be outside more and to be able to get iced coffee without freezing. Not to mention the delight at dusting off my sunglasses again. Yeah for the sun!

<> Unsurprisingly, or at least for anyone following me on Instagram, my recent Budapest trip is making an appearance on today’s Friday favourites list. Because it was the most excellent trip. The weather was glorious – we’re talking 23/24 degrees, the city was incredibly beautiful, we ate lots of delicious food and I had four uninterrupted days with some of my favourites. I would definitely recommend all of the above as a sure-fire way to make you happy!

<> Talking of Budapest, of which they’ll be many more posts on the blog soon, isn’t it nice to spend a long time in a city and therefore feel less pressure to rush around like a mad thing? Or is that just me? We basically spent all of Sunday just ambling around the city one final time and it was the dream.

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

<> In other exciting news this week I opened my birthday presents and cards and found I’d be wonderfully spoilt by my family and friends. I’m so lucky! I think my favouritest gift were all the books I received – not least because of that dratted book buying ban I’m currently living through. I can’t wait to get reading!

<> One of the best things about holiday is when you return home and can snuggle back into your own bed. I know that sounds dorky but I greatly appreciated that this week. Not least because the Budapest beds were not the best and included just one flat pancake pillow. Just no!

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

<> Rounding up this week’s Friday faovurites list is me being organised, which let’s be honest happens so rarely. But this week we finally sat down to plan our upcoming Australia trip and I’m now even more excited for June (and the trip) to arrive. This week we managed to nail down exactly where we’ll be when – we’re doing four different places during our 18-day trip – and also discussed a rough plan for our trip down the Great Ocean Road. Colour me excited. This weekend will be the actual booking of accomodation and internal flights, but it still feels like we’ve had a breakthrough!

So there we go, this week’s Friday favourites post! Tell me, what would make your happy list this week. I’m betting the sunshine, if you’re in England anyway, will be pretty high up there!

-Fi x