Life Lately

I’m pretty certain that there won’t be a Friday favourites post this week. You see I’m off for a long weekend to Budapest, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be writing a blog post during my trip. So instead I thought I’d do a little life lately list in order to catch you all up on what I’ve been up to lately. Because of course you’ve been pondering on this topic for quite a while!

Watching: Black Lightning – a new superhero show on Netflix, I’m obsessed. Anissa is my favourite character and Gambi and Jefferson. Okay they’re all pretty great and my allegiance changes continuously.

Reading: I read Katherine Arden’s The Bear and the Nightingale during my week off and it was a very good read. It’s a Russian folklore/fantasy read with a feminist twist.



Visiting: Lately I’ve been spending my lunchtimes wandering around my little patch of London. Visiting hidden corners, finding colourful buildings and just enjoying being out in the fresh air.

Wearing: Over the weekend I switched out my winter clothes for the spring ones. It feels like the sunshine might be around to stay so I’ve packed away most of my jumpers and unpacked my summer dresses. I’m hoping that the tights may be gone soon too. Also I’ve finally switched to my mac instead of my winter coat. Living the dream!

Planning: Obviously I’ve been doing a little planning for my Budapest trip, plus there’s been bits and bobs to do for my Australia trip later this year.

Listening to: I’ve jumped back onto the podcast train recently, with both The West Wing Weekly and Slow Burn which is a podcast about Watergate. Slow Burn is absolutely fascinating. Now of course I know the main pieces about the Watergate scandal, but this gives a lot more detail.

Drinking: I had my first iced coffee the other day, now if that’s not a sign of spring then I don’t know what is! Also lately I’ve become a little bit too reliant on a mid-afternoon Diet Coke, so I might need to cut back. But it’s better than a second coffee, so you know, swings and roundabouts.

Buying: I’ve picked up some new jeans at the weekend, it was the classic doing my food shopping in Tesco and I passed a pair of light blue jeans that looked comfy. The next thing I knew they were in my basket. But actually they are the comfiest things ever, so yay for making good life decisions. Apart from that I’ve not bought much else. I even ignored the Hufflepuff pajamas in Primark a couple of weeks ago. Who even am I?!


Friday Favourites 108 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog


Cooking: I’ve done a lot of slow cooker meals recently. I made pulled pork over the Easter weekend and it was so yummy. One day I will write it up for the blog. I promise! Also Fi made a potato, artichoke and cabbage curry the other day to make the most of all the vegetables from our OddBox.

Eating: The Leon vegan wrap is my current favourite lunchtime treat of choice. It’s my fallback on days I haven’t made a packed lunch. I also managed to book in a Dishoom breakfast last week. Obviously I went for my favourite egg and bacon naan.

So what have you all been up to lately? Any good books I should read, recipes I should make or things I need to buy?