Thoughts on Blogging: What to Write



This thoughts on blogging post has come about as I realised that things have been quiet around here recently. There isn’t really a reason to why that is, other than neither of us have felt like blogging. Firstly I think the dark depressive weather that we experienced in the first few months of the year meant that all I wanted to do was read a book or go on a long winter walk. Sitting in front of my laptop for any amount of time was just too much.

Secondly I feel like right now I don’t have much to say. I sit down to write a blog post and my brain is suddenly blank. Like there is absolutely nothing in there! I think I’m over thinking everything. But that means I’m forgetting why I blogged in the first place, which was just to write and to share my favourite things or places I’ve visited or books I’ve read. So this post is a reminder of that, a general brain dump of my current thoughts on blogging if you will.  I’m going to remind myself why I started this blog in the first place, so that when I have these unknown moments I know where to turn to.

Life lately posts. These are the ones where I talk through what I’m been doing recently. They start off as a list of doing words (reading, writing, watching, baking) and they turn into a highlight reel of my last couple of weeks. Not only are they fun to write but they are also easy to throw together and they make me stop and think about what I’ve been up to recently.

Book reviews. I love writing my Recent Reads posts. There’s something calming about sitting down and reminding myself of the books I’ve read. It’s good to sit and form thoughts around each book and pinpoint what it was about each one that I enjoyed, would have changed, would recommend to others. Writing this list has reminded me that I’m due to write another one soon – watch this space as they say!

London posts. I don’t remember the last time I wrote a post about my London adventures so it must have been awhile. I live in such a beautiful city and I have so many wonderful experiences, yet I’ve stopped writing about them! That needs to change as soon as possible.

Recipes. I love talking about food so this is a reminder to share more recipes or restaurant review on here. I tend to hold off on sharing recipes as I am useless at food photography. But actually what does that matter? Who cares if my food doesn’t look good, if I’m writing up a recipe or sharing a good meal on here then the chances are that it tasted delicious and therefore it deserves to be shared.

It’s funny, the act of writing down my thoughts on blogging has given me time to stop and think about things a little, and in doing that I’ve suddenly had a light-bulb moment of loads of posts that I want to write up and share on here. So there we go, maybe all I needed to do was to stop, think and then write about something completely different. Instead of forcing myself to write about a certain thing, a brain dump of what to write about has actually sparked some creativity in my mind. Who’d of thought it?! That should clearly be the first thing every blogger is told. Stop thinking, start writing and everything will become clearer!

Laura xx