Friday Favourites #118

I actually have no earthly idea how it got to be Friday already! Seriously where is the year going? Someone make it stop! Because while I have some epic plans for this year I do also want to savour the year and right now that doesn’t appear to be happening. But I’m not here to complain. Instead let’s discuss happy things. Specifically, the wonders of my week. I have to admit when I say down to write this I was feeling particularly bleurgh as I’ve had a very busy week. But then I started thinking about my highlights of the last seven days and I was automatically buoyed and cheery again. So hurrah for that! And that is the one reason I write these posts, so that I remind myself of those little highlights even in the less good weeks.

A bank holiday. If we are talking about highlights from my week then obviously the long weekend has to factor in. I had a lovely three day break. Did some jobs, saw some people, relaxed. It was the perfect mix.

Bluebells. The bluebells are out in full force right now. On Sunday I was back in Surrey walking with some of favourite people (and dog). We found so many bluebells, and my photos do not do them justice. Also we had a picnic – hashtag goals.



Slow cooker pulled pork. Possibly my favourite thing. We had this for dinner on Monday night, and then leftovers for lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday. The recipe is here if you fancy it.

Space Spectacular. So this hasn’t happened yet, but it’s tonight’s plan and I’m excited so I’m including it here! I’m off to the Royal Albert Hall for a night of classic music. The only thing each piece has in common is that they have something to do with space. I’m intrigued to hear all the different pieces together.

Meet me at the Museum. I finished this book yesterday and it was the perfect read. It takes the form of letters between two people and it’s a lovely story. Honestly I could have read their letters forever.



Packed lunches. Old school I know, but I love making a packed lunch for work. This week Fi made a giant batch of this salad and we’ve had it for the last three days with other fridge leftovers. So so good. I think I will always have food as a highlight in these posts!

Catch ups with friends. Last night I met up with an ex-work buddy for pizza and wine and all the talking. It’s the first time we’ve got together since she abandoned me for more exciting work things, so definitely a week highlight.

How has your week gone? Any particular highlights to share as we head into the weekend?

Laura x