Pulled Pork

Hello all. Recently I wrote a blog post about how I felt I wasn’t blogging as much because I didn’t know what to write about. In that post I said I’d start sharing recipes again, so that’s what this is. It’s for one of my favourite meals – pulled pork. Isn’t pulled pork a glorious thing? There’s something so delicious about the pulled meat when it is perfectly tender. It’s something I opt for if I eat out, but until now, it wasn’t something that I cooked. All that changed when my friend suggested it as an easy slow cooker recipe. After all we all know how much I love a slow cooker recipe! So after a bit of a research I’ve come up with this super simple recipe that is guaranteed to get your mouth watering.




pork shoulder / four chopped garlic cloves / salt and pepper / 200g barbecue sauce / one can of diet coke


Remove the excess fat from the joint / mix together the chopped garlic, salt and pepper and rub over the meat / place the joint into the preheated slow cooker / pour the diet coke over the meat / cook on high for two hours / after two hours remove the meat from the slow cooker, it should now be falling apart (cook for longer if it’s not) / remove the joint from the slow cooker and pull the meat apart / remove most of the juice from the slow cooker, leaving just one third of it in the slow cooker / return the pulled meat to the slow cooker / pour over the barbecue saw / cook for thirty minutes / remove and serve.

We’ve cooked this so much in the past two months, it’s definitely become a weekend staple. There’s something quite wonderful about pottering around the house on a Sunday as it cooks in the slow cooler. The delicious aromas manage to make their way throughout the house.

Often times slow cooker recipes are quite autumnal or wintry, but this pulled pork recipe is perfect for the warmer months too. As there as so many options for how to eat it. You can have it cold with a salad or piled into a roll with some crispy onions, tomato and guacamole. Or have it warm with some rice, make a burrito bowl or turn it into enchiladas. My current favourite way of eating the pulled pork is just with some soft tortillas and a pile of salad. But I’m sure that will change soon!

What are your favourite slow cooker recipes for spring and summer?

Laura xx