Recent London Eats

Today I wanted to talk through some new (to me) foodie places in London that I’ve been to in the last couple of months that I need to share. Hence the title Recent London eats. London is choc-a-block with fantastic coffee shops and eateries, but sometimes it’s hard to see them through the numerous Starbucks and Pizza Express’. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a Starbucks fan. I’m a “grande filter with room for milk” girl most days or a “skinny cap” if I’m treating myself (AKA it’s a Friday). But sometimes you want something a little different, and on those days you should definitely check out the following London places.

Doughnut Time

To start with let’s discuss doughnuts because there seems to have been a massive influx of doughnut shops in London recently. Not that I’m complaining as it’s led to the wonder that is Doughnut Time emigrating from Australia to London. With six branches including ones on Shoreditch and Shaftesbury Avenue you shouldn’t have to venture too far to find one of these delicious rings of dough. The doughnuts are colourful and topped with numerous things. From Twix bars to Percy Pigs – there are flavours to suit everyone. Plus, they’ve got vegan versions and quirky names like Stranger Rings and Egg Sheeran.


Abuelo is an Australia meets South America coffee shop just near Covent Garden. The coffee is delicious, the fresh cakes look, and taste, amazing and the people are so friendly. It’s a small, but perfectly formed, shop. All the furniture, and the massive fireplace on one wall, are made from Australian New South Wales spotted gum trees so it feels like a small piece of Australia in the city.

Chequers Sandwich Shop

So this isn’t a new place to me, but it is a lunchtime favourite that I feel is worth sharing. Especially if you’re visiting London this summer, as it’s the perfect pre-picnic stop. Located just off the Strand, Chequers is a teeny tiny shop which only really has room for three customers alongside the counter. The queue at this place is always out the door and down the street, but the service is quick and the queue moves swiftly. Selling sandwiches, salads and baked potatoes with every filling you can think of, it’s a must stop for lunchtime. My favourite is either some sort of brie panini or the chicken escalope with salad in plain white sliced bread. Oh, and if you opt for one of the speciality breads you’ll also get a free soup to go with your sandwich.

Pizza Union

Pizza might be my favourite meal ever. If it’s done right it can be divine. And Pizza Union is definitely done right. Located in Aldgate, King’s Cross and Spitalfields, Pizza Union is so worth a visit. You order and pay on your way in and then you find a seat on one of the many canteen style tables. It’s loud and noisy and always buzzing with people. The service is fast and within 10 minutes your buzzer will go off and you’ll be collecting your pizza from the kitchen that sits in the middle of the shop. The toppings are all excellent and one day I’m going to try the warm dough ring with Nutella.

Crosstown Doughnuts

Yes, it’s another doughnut place! But honestly I can’t discuss recent London eats without including Crosstown. Especially as there is now a shop on my walk home. Honestly, I don’t know how I stop myself from buying something here every day. The classic vanilla glaze is probably my favourite but the vegan lemon thyme comes a close second – it’s made with a beetroot dough and it’s sublime. Plus they do monthly specials which are well worth a try.
What are your favourite places to eat where you live? Do you try out new places or are you a creature of habit? You can find my favourite Streatham brunch places here if you’re ever South of the river.
Laura x