Five Reasons Why Hamilton is My Favourite Musical

If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll know that both Lau and I are big Hamilton fans. You surely won’t have missed hearing about our obsession with the soundtrack or our three trips to see it in the space of three months earlier this year. But I’ve never really talked about why I love it, which seems odd considering how much I love it. And as I’ve just booked tickets to see it again, not until next year mind you, I thought now was an apt time.

Five reasons Why Hamilton is My Favourite Musical

The Music

All of the songs of Hamilton are inspired by rock, pop or rap and that makes it unlike any other musical I’ve seen. On first listen you’re instantly hooked on the songs because they sound like the songs you listen to in your free time or the songs in the current charts. So there’s an immediate recognition – unlike some more traditional musicals. Plus because it’s all inspired by popular music you can appreciate the songs separate from the show. You don’t need to have watched it to enjoy the album. Not at all. So if you’ve not listened to the soundtrack yet then you’re missing out big time. Just google ‘Wait for It’ or ‘Satisfied’ and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

The History

Yes I’m a history buff, so of course I’d say the history is what makes Hamilton incredible. But it really is the most fascinating story that you’re seeing retold on that stage. It has everything you want in a musical – betrayal, rags to riches, love, friendship, war, misunderstandings, sorrow and so much more. And it’s all based on real people. It’s frankly quite astonishing.

The Staging

The way the play is stage is incredible, at first sight you think it’s quite simple and run of the mill. There’s a wooden balcony and some ropes and that’s pretty much it. But then you discover all the extra bits, plus see all the dancers in motion and you’re blown away. There’s so many bits that you want to rewind and watch again or moves that the dancers do where you’re in awe of. And then there’s the costumes – so simple and so effective.

It’s Hilarious

I genuinely didn’t expect to laugh so much when watching Hamilton for the first time. After all I’d listened to all the songs numerous times and knew the majority of the story so where would the humour come from? Well I was wrong! There’s such comedy in it, and not in a slapstick way. It definitely adds something unexpected to the show.

How completely awe inducing it is

So after seeing the show three times and knowing all the songs and the story before we even went I am still amazed that each shows has me gasping at how incredible it is as a show. There are still bits that succeed in surprising me as I’d forgotten how emotional or mind-blowing-ly good the song or the actor was. Or how a particular song is staged. Each and every time I’ve left the show I’ve been in complete awe and that’s just astonishing to me. Still being in awe after three shows. That’s quite an incredible feat, right?

Tell me, have I convinced you to book tickets or are you still on the fence about the wonder that is Hamilton?

-Fi x