Friday Favourites #121

Guys it’s finally the weekend – we’ll done us for making it! Talking of the glorious weekend, that’s definitely point one of today’s Friday favourites post – the most excellent of weekend plans! I’m headed off to Kent with some of my friends and I can’t wait. Roll on lovely catch ups and all the food. What weekends are made for, am I right?

Also making the Friday favourites list we have a Tuesday night escape room hour of fun. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy these puzzle rooms. I’m sure it’s my ultra competitive nature that makes it so! Anyway on Tuesday we managed to escape from an Egyptian themed room and I enjoyed every second!

Is anyone here a Grey’s Anatomy fan? I’m a massive fan and I have to say that this week’s episode was all kinds of delightful. No spoilers from me, don’t worry, but it was a brilliant finale episode.

This week started with a lovely long weekend which was three days of utter joy – at least if you’re me! I didn’t get up to much but that’s what made it such a spectacular weekend. Read more about it over on my bank holiday update post from earlier in the week. But i’ll be honest the delicious doughnut certainly places on the Friday favourites list.

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Rounding up the Friday favourites list is something that’ll make this list for the next four weeks or so: more Australia planning! With less than two weeks to go I’m knee deep in planning and starting to get so excited. I am so ready for this holiday right now!

So there we go, a quick Friday favourites post for you all. I hope your week was equally awesome – what would make your happy list?