Friday Favourites #123

Greetings team, and how are you all on this wondrous Friday? I’m half way around the world in Sydney at the moment having a lovely time so I thought I’d pop in with a special edition of our Friday Favourites post, just so you remember us while we’re away! What makes this a special edition of Friday Favourites I hear you cry? Well I wrote this two weeks ago, before I gallivanted off on holiday! So rather than a completely correct Friday favourites it’s the things I was most looking forward to on my holiday ahead of leaving. So it’s not up to date – it won’t count any particularly excellent road trip moments or sites we’ve seen so far, it’s just what I was excited to do on this holiday.

Friday Favourites #123

First up on this special edition of Friday favourites has to be seeing family. That is after all the whole point of coming on this trip in the first place! We’ve got four days in the Sydney suburbs, kicking off today, and I could not be more excited to see my Nanna, my cousins, my second cousins and my aunt and uncle during that time. It’s been six years since I saw most of them so there’s lots of catching up to do. I can’t wait.

As soon as we’d decided to visit family in Australia I knew I had to fit in a trip on the Great Ocean Road while out here. I’ve wanted to visit every time I’ve been in the country and we’ve just never found time to do it as there’s always so many people to see. But this time we’re making it  happen and I could not be happier. I’m excited for the road-trip element, for seeing all the stunning scenery and just general exploring the Great Ocean Road. Have you ever been?

Before we head to visit family we’re making a Sydney detour to visit that gorgeous city – one of my favourites ever – and visit with friends. It’ll be so lovely to see them in their new homes and to see their lives in real life instead of an Instagram lens! So far we’ve organised all our catch ups around food, but what else would you expect?!

Number four on my Friday favourites post is staying in a nature park surrounded by wallabies and koalas. Yes, this is actually happening! The idea is that we’ll wake up and they’ll be carrying on their normal business all around us – I can’t wait to see all the Australian animals in their natural habitat. How awesome will that be?

Another great thing about this trip, and why I’ve been looking forward to it so much is that the first week of the trip is just my sisters and me road-tripping and exploring together. It’s going to be such fun to just hang out with them and explore Australia. Thankfully they have similar musical tastes so their won’t be any clashes on the road-trip music and they’re all about the coffee stops too, so I’m in good company!

Our Australia trip really is going to be a whirlwind, for example we’re not staying in the same place for more than one night until a week into our trip and there’s a lot of moving around. which is going to be awesome of course, but also completely knackering. So I’m very pleased that we’ll be ending our Australia trip in a really nice Perth hotel. It’s fairly central, has a good gym and a beautiful looking pool. And because we’ll be there for four nights I think it’ll feel like a mini holiday in the main Australia trip. So bring on the relaxation before we head back home I say!

Have you ever been to Australia? And if so do you have any must-visit places I should add to my list? We’re visiting Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, Perth and Sydney so please do send suggestions my way!

-Fi x