My Favourite Pasta Restaurant – Pastaio, London

Discovering new restaurants and bars in London is one of my favourite things. After all I live where I live so that I can enjoy this city and everything that it has to offer. And obviously because it’s me, food is a ginormous part of that. So today I’m going to share a new London find with you. After all, I promised I would do this more a few weeks back in this post. So let me introduce you to Pastaio, my new favourite pasta restaurant in London.

Let me start by saying that I’ve been trying to get to Pastaio in Soho to feast on pasta for the last couple of months. A friend of mine mentioned it back in January and ever since then we’ve been trying to arrange a Hamilton Gang meet up there. Well, last week we finally managed it and it quickly became my favourite pasta restaurant in London.


Pastaio is the perfect option for a quick supper. We only had 90 minutes, as people had other things to get to and holiday bags to pack. But we still had starters and mains and did a lot of talking without needing to rush anything. Side note: I have to admit I was very grateful to arrive home at 9pm and head straight to bed. Last week absolutely shattered me!

Anyway, back to the restaurant. It’s a small laid back place with long canteen style tables and bi-fold doors that open out onto tables on the pavement. The marble table tops were divine, honestly if I could have picked one up and taken it away with me I would have done just that.

Next is the food. The menu is small but perfectly formed (in my opinion). The pasta dishes aren’t enormous so I’d recommend getting a side or two to go alongside it. Our group of four decided to share two sides as a starter and then get our own pasta dishes, plus one extra to share. Which as I type it I realise sounds a little greedy – and maybe it was. But after seeing all the dishes while we waited we had to try a few of them. Plus at the end of it I wasn’t overly full.

London Pasta Restaurant - pastaio - Out and About - This and That Blog

As the starter part of the meal we opted for the watermelon, tomato and feta salad and a Fried mozzarella, nduja & honey sandwich. I mean when you read that on the menu of course you need to try both of these. As for mains I opted for the Cacio e Pepe bucatini, which was divine. The others opted for the wild mushrooms, garlic & olive oil tagliatelle and the malloredus pasta with a slow cooked sausage sauce. We also shared the conchigliette with courgettes and smoked ricotta between the four of us. They were all excellent but my bucatini was the best – it was the perfect al dente pasta with a cheese and pepper sauce. So simple and so so delicious.

Hopefully by now I’ve sold you on this place. But if I haven’t these next two words will do it for you. PROSECCO SLUSHY. Yes that’s right, the restaurant serves up lemon and raspberry prosecco slushies. Day, evening and week made.

Go, eat, drink and be merry! Laura xx