Friday Favourites #124

I think Friday is probably my favourite day. It’s the end of my working week and the beginning of the weekend. It’s got a wonderful amount of anticipation attached to it, that I love. This Friday is a particularly good one as I have a takeaway and football planned for tonight. And then some excellent weekend plans. Last weekend I was jet-lagged and utterly incoherent so I’m looking forward to actually being able to function properly this weekend. But before that happens I need to finish and publish this favourite things list. So I’d best get on with that!

<> The summer weather. I can’t write a favourite things list without mentioning the glorious weather that we are currently experiencing. I mean talk about a heatwave! Although I have to admit I’d be much happier if I didn’t have to do anything in this heat. A few days relaxing in my garden would be ideal.

<> World Cup watching. Gosh I love football. I mean I don’t watch it religiously anymore but I do absolutely love a tournament like the current men’s World Cup. This past week I have watched as many matches as possible. For the weekdays that means the 7pm games. My after work routine has become: get home from work > throw open all the windows and turn on all the fans > prep an easy dinner – basically a quick pasta dish or a random selection of bits from the fridge combined to form a salad > settle down in front of the TV by 6:50pm to watch the anthems and the game. And what epic games they’ve been! That Belgium Vs. Japan game was a battle and a half and the Denmark penalties were edge-of-your-seat stuff. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

<> Back to work. So yes my Australia travels are well and truly over,  which I think I’m just about coming to terms with. While I am sad not to be visiting family and friends or exploring new cities, I am however a little bit happy to be back at work. Yep I said it! But you know what, I enjoy my day job and sometimes going back to normality is exactly what is needed.

<> Summer salads. In this weather cooking anything is a bit of a hassle. It’s just way too hot to be standing near an over. Which means my meals this week have taken the form of salads or leftovers. Or last night just two bowls of cereal. On Sunday Fi made her staple bulgar wheat salad filled with black beans, carrot, pomegranate seeds and crunchy nuts. This coupled with halloumi and a whole heap of tomatoes made for an absolutely delicious meal. I’ve since had the same salad base for lunch three times this week.

<> Jetlag. Okay it’s a bit of an odd one for my Friday favourite things but hear me out. I have jet lag, like wake up at 4:30am every morning jet lag. And while it’s frustrating to miss out on sleep, because we all know how much I love sleep, I have actually been enjoying these earlier starts. Okay so I’ve not done anything super productive with them – i.e go to the gym or for a swim, but I have been making the most of reading my book or pottering around the house or breakfasting at home. It makes a nice change.

<> Iced Coffee. It’s the only option in this stifling heat. And honestly is there anything more delicious than an iced coffee on a warm morning, especially when you’ve just stepped off a sticky tube?

<> Turn on Prime. I’m currently on episode eight of the first series of Turn. It’s all about the spies of the American Revolution. It’s filling a Hamilton-sized gap for me right now. Not that I’ve seen Hamilton yet, but George Washington and Charles Lee have both made appearances so who knows who will be next!

What would make your list, tell me and make me jealous!