Brickwood, Streatham

If you’re a regular to this blog or my Instagram page then you will probably already know about my obsession with Brickwood. It’s an Australian themed cafe in south London that I have always been a fan of. Last year it finally made it’s way past Clapham and opened up in Streatham.

Brickwood, Streatham is a bright yellow cafe right on the high street, it’s a small space, but it goes back quite a bit and has four or five outside tables (at the front and round the side). Also a plus point is that it’s near the bottom of the high street rather than the top. This is particularly exciting because it’s a 10/15 minute walk away from my house. Which is a big deal when I tell you that most of the other cafes and brunch places are at the top of the high street and I therefore need to get on a bus to get to them – not fun when you’ve got a craving for coffee that the homemade version cannot satisfy.

So what is Brickwood all about and why should you check it out? Well it’s an Australia coffee chain so it’s got that endlessly cool Australian calm vibe about it. Plus the coffee is good, the food excellent and the staff are always happy. It’s a wonderful reminder of just how good the Australian coffee culture is.

Fi and I have gotten into a habit of both going for a run (separately) and meeting at Brickwood at the end. This means that we can both run for as long (or as short) as we want and not keep the other one waiting in some random place. Plus it means a post run brunch of epic proportions.

Drinks wise this is the only place in London apart from GBK where I can find the New Zealand drink L&P. It’s a delicious and refreshing carbonated drink that I fell in love with eleven years ago. So that right there is a reason to stop by. Then there’s the coffee, because we all know how much I love coffee. The iced coffee is perfect and so are the flat whites. So if you’re stuck making a decision go with one of these.

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Now onto the food. It’s the all important factor after all! You honestly can’t go wrong with anything from Brickwood. I would personally recommend the ham hock and cheese toastie, it comes with a truffle mustard mayo which takes the sandwich to another level all together. Fi is a big fan of their smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast – which looks amazing, but I don’t do avocado so can’t comment on the actual taste. But the two of us totally agree that the french toast is amazing. It’s light and fluffy and comes with either bananas & strawberries, or bacon or, both. Also if you’re feeling up for it order a side of hash nuggets to go with your brunch. These perfect potato nuggets are utterly moorish.

Then if you’ve still got room left opt for a cake or two. The banana bread is another favourite of Fi’s and seeing it in the cafe reminds me how popular banana bread is in Australia. I wonder why it isn’t in more cafes and brunch places in the UK? Maybe Pret should get on that? Anyway the pièce de résistance at Brickwood is the Tim Tam muffin. Yes, you read that right. This delicious morsel is a chocolate muffin with a whole Tim Tam baked inside. And if you don’t know what a Tim Tam is then you need to get to Brickwood asap.

So there you have it, the need to know about Brickwood in Streatham. Have I convinced you to visit yet? If the answer is yes please invite me along on your trip. Pretty please?! Laura xx