Friday Favourites #125

Hi team and happy Friday! Hasn’t it been the most glorious week? So it seems apt to be sharing my Friday favourites with you all. Read on to see what’s made me happy this week.

<> First off I have to mention the football, wasn’t it just incredible to see such a brilliant England team make it to the semi final of a World Cup? I’m so freaking proud of them. And not only did they make it to the semi finals, they were also an England team to be proud of off the pitch. There have been no scandals, no bad behaviour and they’ve become the most brilliant team. I’m super excited to see what they do at the Euros and then the next World Cup – just imagine!

<> To tie in with the football on Saturday we had friends over for board games, football watching and a picnic style spread and it was glorious. Honestly best friends and picky food is the best combination. Especially when it also involved a long overdue catch up. Yeah for having a football related excuse to make it happen!

<> Number three on the Friday favourites list is the weather. God, could I be anymore British?! The weather’s been lovely and not so muggy, which let me tell you has made a big difference to my days. It’s just so nice not to feel sweaty and gross all day!

Friday Favourites #125 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

<> Kind of related to the hot weather is my next Friday favourites item – making a day bed/den situation on Sunday. We inflated out giant air bed and piled it up with all the pillows and cushions and vegetated in the coolest room in the house in front of Netflix. It was the dream. Honestly I hadn’t realised how much cooler our back room was – it made a nice change from being in our sweltering front room parked in front of a fan!

<>Are there any prettier flowers than sunflowers? I’d say no. I mean they just instantly cheer me up. I wish they existed all year round.

<> Brunch is always a good idea, so of course that once again makes my Friday favourites post. I mean a plate of pancakes and an iced coffee is always the one, right? I’m fast becoming a big fan of our local Blackbird Bakery cafe. It’s just so chilled out and full of yummy food.

So there we go, that’s what’s been making me happy over the last week. What about you, what delightful things have been happening for you?

-Fi x