Lau and FiSo who are we?

Hello, we are Fi and Laura and we are two sisters who like to blog about all sorts of everything. We’ve both had separate blogs before but we’ve decided to take the plunge and combine things into this one joint corner of internet land. Whilst here you’ll find us writing and sharing a little bit of this and that – from recipes to running talk, from adventures in London to our attempts at DIY plus there will be lots of rambling chatter too!

A little bit about Laura…

Hello, I’m Laura and thanks for stopping by. Here’s a few things you should know about me. I’m obsessed with owls, Harry Potter and Christmas and I can’t stand peas – yes I do mean those little green round vegetables! Honestly I have a full on actual phobia about them. I love to explore London, chill out in the Surrey countryside with my family, and my competitive nature will never allow me to say no to playing a board game or taking part in a pub quiz. 

And a little bit about Fi…

So a few facts about me: I wish I was an accomplished runner, crafter and knitter but alas I tend to struggle with all three…, I love baking: cakes, biscuits, flapjacks, basically anything involving sugar!, I have a tendency to say ‘so’ at the start of every sentence, I could eat peanut m&m’s everyday for the rest of my life and still crave more, I love discovering new friends and worlds in a good book and I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, Disney, Instagram, The West Wing and the combo of peanut butter and chocolate!