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All Things Fitness: My Running Guide

Hello, and welcome to my own little running guide. For me last year was a bit of a stall in terms of running, I got out of the habit of going each weekend, what with illness and weekend trips away, that when I did have the time and capacity for a run I didn’t go. For… Read more »

All Things Fitness: Giving Up on a Race

  This past weekend was my first running race of 2016. At the very last minute I signed up, with my Dad to the Bookham 10k {all the cool people run with their Dad by the way, except we don’t actually run together as he’s faster than me!}. The race goes through the Surrey countryside of… Read more »

All Things Fitness: A New Leaf

Since leaving London in March I’ve managed to put on a lot of unwanted weight. I could blame commuting, the parentals’ delicious cooking and the amazing array of chocolate and biscuits in the house for this situation. But really I’ve become lazy and it’s 100% my fault. I should be able to summon the willpower… Read more »

All Things Fitness: Half Marathon Countdown

In just over one week I will be taking on my second half marathon with my two sisters. We’ve been training since the start of the year, our longest training run is done and now there’s just 5 more runs to go until the BIG day. So how am I feeling about it? Prepared – I’ve… Read more »

All Things Fitness: Half Marathon Training

So Fi and I are running a half marathon in March. Yes, this might have been mentioned once or twice already, but hey, here we go again! Training for the 13+ mile run officially started the Monday after Christmas and includes running, swimming and some circuit training. It’s brilliant to get back into running properly… Read more »

All Things Fitness: Remember How

{image from Pinterest} I’ve been struggling for the last year or so with being healthy and seeing the above on Pinterest this week has really reminded me why I bothered to get healthier in the first place. I need to remember what the point is and that a chocolate coma every night on the sofa is… Read more »