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All Things Fitness: My Running Guide

Hello, and welcome to my own little running guide. For me last year was a bit of a stall in terms of running, I got out of the habit of going each weekend, what with illness and weekend trips away, that when I did have the time and capacity for a run I didn’t go. For… Read more »

All Things Fitness: Giving Up on a Race

  This past weekend was my first running race of 2016. At the very last minute I signed up, with my Dad to the Bookham 10k {all the cool people run with their Dad by the way, except we don’t actually run together as he’s faster than me!}. The race goes through the Surrey countryside of… Read more »

All Things Fitness: A New Leaf

Since leaving London in March I’ve managed to put on a lot of unwanted weight. I could blame commuting, the parentals’ delicious cooking and the amazing array of chocolate and biscuits in the house for this situation. But really I’ve become lazy and it’s 100% my fault. I should be able to summon the willpower… Read more »