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Getting Crafty: DIY Vanilla Body Scrub

Every year the besties and I have a Christmas weekend away somewhere in the UK where we watch Christmas films, don festive knitwear, catch up, eat all the food and swap presents. After weekends in Nottingham, Cambridgeshire, the Peterborough countryside and Oxfordshire this weekend has come to feel like the beginning of Christmas, which I… Read more »

Getting Crafty: The Bullet Journal

I am forever trying to find new ways to make myself be organised. How is it so hard to do? I honestly feel that this inability to organise myself stops me from being a fully fledged adult. I mean I keep track of events by jotting dates into my phone’s calendar, but other than that… Read more »

Getting Crafty: Spare Room Inspiration

We’ve been busy little bees over the last few weeks. We’ve been assembling furniture, painting walls, choosing new furniture, spray painting anything that stays still for long enough, drilling and rearranging, rearranging, rearranging. Pretty soon we’ll be ready to unveil the first room in the new house on the blog and we’re pretty excited! But… Read more »

Getting Crafty: Born Under a Star Blanket

I haven’t done much knitting for awhile. Mainly because all of my needles, wool and patterns are still in storage, but also because I haven’t had a reason to knit. And for me that’s what I need. A new baby is the perfect excuse to get out the knitting needles. That’s my opinion anyway! A new baby… Read more »

Getting Crafty: Easter Ideas

Every year I have these grand crafty plans for Easter. I have visions of homemade Easter cards for the little people in my life, hand blown and decorated eggs, gorgeous Easter paper chains and loads of Easter cakes. Alas every year the reality is more like a batch of Mini Egg Blondies and a mad… Read more »

Getting Crafty: New Wall Art

So the time has come for us to show the awesome presents our little sister made for us for Christmas. We both got new wall art and both pieces were just perfect. She really did an amazing job in making the two gifts really personal. I’m definitely going to steal these two ideas in the… Read more »

Getting Crafty: Knitted Snood

As Fi mentioned in an earlier post my sisters and I made Christmas presents for each other this year. I had so much fun doing this, it’s great to have an excuse to do something crafty. Today I’m sharing the gift that I made Becca – a knitted snood. When we agreed to get crafty I… Read more »

Getting Crafty: Making a Bobble Hat

This Christmas my sisters and I decided we would make one another presents to try to spend a little less money, and to also challenge our crafting skills. In all honesty I was a little concerned about how everything would turn out, but the presents were all so lovely – nice and surprising! It’s definitely made… Read more »