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In The Kitchen: Halloween Bark

Today’s recipe is a quick and easy way to use up any leftover Halloween chocolate. We had two problems this year; one, we over catered on the goodies for trick or treaters and two, we both went away for the evening at the last-minute. Meaning we weren’t actually in to give any sweets out to any dressed… Read more »

In the Kitchen: Chocolate Macarons

I’ve been wanting to macarons for ages and ages and have just never found the time. I’ve always assumed they’d be complicated and take ages so it seemed more sensible to pick up one of those handy little packs from M&S whenever I fancied a morsel of deliciousness. And then the Great British Bake Off… Read more »

In the Kitchen: Spanish Risotto

It’s been a while since we shared a recipe on the blog, which seems crazy after all the bake off bake along posts, but I suppose life has been busy and there’s been no time at all to get in the kitchen and cook, let alone to write it all up. But thankfully heading off… Read more »

In The Kitchen: Mozzarella & Serrano Quick Bread

Hello and welcome to week three of the Bake Off Blog Along. Yes, we are still going even after the debacle of last week’s biscuit box disaster! I’ve chalked that up to bad planning and I’m hoping that things will not get that bad again. I will learn from my mistakes, I will, I will!… Read more »