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In the Kitchen: Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

It’s quite possible that cookies are my favourite thing ever. The crispy outside giving way to the soft chewy centre? That’s HEAVEN right there. There’s a Ben’s Cookies in Covent Garden and occasionally my work bestie and I will meander on up at lunchtime and treat ourselves to a cookie to get us through a… Read more »

In the Kitchen: Homemade Pizza

Now that I’m back at the parentals it means I don’t actually have to think about cooking. If I’m in then my parents are more than happy to include both me in their meal plans. Which is totally great. However it does make me feel incredible guilty and also a little bit lazy. I try… Read more »

In the Kitchen: Rainbow Spiral Biscuits

As soon as I spotted these Rainbow Spiral Biscuits over on the Sprinkle Bakes blog I knew they had to be baked for the big 21st/30th birthday party. I mean just look at them, yummy! Sadly I couldn’t get them as bright as I wanted to, but I still they look pretty awesome. They’re super simple to make,… Read more »

In the Kitchen: Chocolate Bark

What to do with the Easter chocolate? Now there’s a question that I don’t often hear from anyone I know. At least not normally. This year however we may have overstocked on the mini eggs. This is partly to do with the addition of a pick and mix table and also partly due to Fi… Read more »

In The Kitchen: Mini Egg Blondies

  Does anyone have one of those recipes that’s their fail-safe, fall back recipe for any and all occasions? You know that one that you know like the back of your hand and make for birthdays, garden parties, work celebrations or just on fridays? Well, that’s the recipe that I’m going to share with you… Read more »

In the Kitchen: Cinnamon Buns

Before we get into the cinnamon buns recipe, let’s have a quick life update. Right now I’m officially homeless. Fi and I completed the sale of our flat on Friday (the 13th, unlucky for some), but we’ve not yet finalised things for a new place. So we’ve migrated home to the parental units for a… Read more »

In the Kitchen: An Easy Winter Salad

I’m here today to share one of my all-time favourite (not to mention easiest) dinners. It’s the perfect thing to have when you’re in a ‘I should be healthier’ phase, want something quick and easy or just want something full of flavour. Honestly this meal ticks quite a few boxes, plus it’s one that can… Read more »