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Out and About: Visiting the Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Today we’re talking Paris. Yes again! I can’t help it, this long weekend to France has been my only holiday this year since my week in Deal, Kent in April. Seven days of holiday does not a happy Laura make! On our first day in Paris we started by visiting the Arc de Triomphe. The arch… Read more »

Out and About: A Day in Wales

Walking the Wales Coastal Path, along the Monknash Coast When I was younger I used to go to Wales at least once a year. We’d go for a week every August and stay with family friends and there would be lots of beach trips and picnics and generally catching up and whiling away the hours… Read more »

Out and About: Betty’s Harrogate

Afternoon Tea. Oh how I love you! Let me count the ways; scones & clotted cream, fancy cakes that a normal human would never be able to make, triangle sandwiches with fillings that would be boring anywhere else, the best china and oodles and snoodles of cups of tea. How blissful. Us Brits sure do know… Read more »

Out and About: Draughts

London is full of weird and wonderful cafes and restaurants. From the cereal cafe where you sit on beds, to the owl cafe, with actual real live owls. While I haven’t visited any of the really extreme places like these I did visit Draughts recently. What is Draughts I hear you asking?  Well it’s a… Read more »

Out and About: Dorset Days

I spent a lot of my childhood in Dorset. Dorset is where my Dad grew up and where my Grandparents lived for all of my childhood years. I have so many fond memories of days and weeks spent visiting my grandparents and exploring their county. The lazy walks around Wimborne Market, the kitkats at the… Read more »

Out and About: London To Do

One of the things I’ve missed most about not living in London over the past almost three months (how is it that long already?!) is London itself. Yes I know that sounds insane, because obviously I would miss London, right? But I didn’t think I would. In my head I assumed I’d miss not having… Read more »