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Thought of the Day #27: Courage

‘Courage is grace under pressure.’ I love this quote. It just makes total sense to me. It’s so easy to panic and fret when pressure occurs. But to stay calm and true to yourself while under pressure is quite a feat. I know that I don’t always react well to stress or pressure, there’s been… Read more »

Thought of the Day #24: Impossible as it may seem

Apologies if you now have James Arthur’s version of Impossible stuck in your head. No, just me? Right, moving on… Nelson Mandela was a pretty wise guy wasn’t he? Yes I know I’m stating the obvious here, but I mean seriously he’s pretty spot on with this quote, isn’t he? I’ve been feeling that everything’s impossible recently –… Read more »

Thought of the Day 22: Written into Story

‘To be written into story. That was how even the lost lived on.’ I’ve just finished Martha Brockenbrough’s book The Game of Love and Death and it had me completely hooked from the start. It’s a unique story about a game that Love and Death have been playing forever. There’s been Romeo & Juliet and… Read more »

Thought of the Day 21: The Earth Has Music

I have to say that this quote is perfectly timed to appear as the UK is having some stunning weather. And I didn’t even plan it this way! At the moment everywhere is looking lushfully green and so full of life. Last night after a horribly hot and sweaty train journey I sat in the garden… Read more »

Thought of the Day #20: Friendship is Born

  I can say with pretty much 100% certainty that most of my friendships have started with a moment like this. Be it in relation to an action, a thought or a feeling. I think that friendships that start in this way are the best kind and to find someone that just ‘gets you’ just makes complete… Read more »

Thought of the Day 19: Enough Nerve

I love this sentiment so much. Why when we grow up do we lose this sense of wonder and belief in the world, others around us and ourselves? Something to ponder another day maybe. As a side note it upsets me how irritating the character of Ginny Weasley was in the Harry Potter films. I don’t… Read more »

Thought of the Day #18: Look up

Image Source: Axel Antas Bergkvist via Unsplash These words from Stephen Hawking are good in a metaphorical and literal sense. I often forget to look up and around me when I’m in a rush or on the commute home and that’s not the best plan as you miss so much of what’s going on –… Read more »