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Wishlist: Stationery Staples

Now that we’ve got our spare room sorted and it’s a bedroom/office/craft room hybrid I seem to want to buy all the stationery items. I’m not sure what’s come over me, but I can’t seem to say no to anything involving organising or writing at the moment and those items seem to be the only… Read more »

Wishlists: Laura’s 2016 Birthday Edit

How is it April already? I swear each year goes quicker than the one before. My parents used to tell me that the older I got, the faster time would go. I didn’t believe them. I do now. Parents really are always right – don’t tell mine I said that though! The beginning of April… Read more »

Wishlists: Happy Birthday Fi

Happy almost Birthday to me, hooray! I’ve been counting down to the big day for at least the last six weeks but it’s only recently that I’ve actually thought about the presents themselves. How is that even possible?! I worry about myself, really I do. Anyway, its high time I did, so that’s what I’ve… Read more »

Wishlists: Christmas 2015 – Fi

How is there less than two weeks until Christmas, how did that happen? And also, HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!!! I  cannot wait for Christmas, it’s my all-time favourite of year and it’s going to be so wonderful to be surrounded by all my favourite people (and a puppy)! Roll on Christmas day. As is tradition… Read more »

Wishlists: Christmas 2015 – Laura

What’s this? We’re a week into December and I’m only now posting a Christmas wishlist! How did that happen? Normally my Christmas list gets sent out in November, but I’m a bit behind the times this year. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’ve grown up a little bit?! I’m so looking forward to Christmas this… Read more »

Clothes Rail: Laura’s Autumn Favourites

Greetings chums, how are we all this bright and merry morning? Me? I’m enjoying the last couple of days of my holibobs, it’s blissful. Why do holidays have to end? That’s my main train of thought at the moment. Today’s post is a wishlist, as is right for the beginning of a new season (yay… Read more »

Wishlists: Wall Art

I know that picture walls are everywhere and everyone is doing them, but that isn’t going to stop me from having numerous collections of wall art in my house. I’ve been collecting quotes for 15 years and I work with images, so a wall of quotes and photos, bits and bobs that spark memories, and… Read more »

Wishlists: Dreaming about a New House

I’m in serious nesting mode right now. Never mind that I’m still back at my parents’ house, have no wardrobe, chest of drawers or space to keep my stuff and no idea when this will change. Despite all of this I seem unable to stop myself from buying and wanting all the house things I… Read more »

Wishlists: The 30th Birthday Edition No. 2

Last week Fi shared her birthday wishlist and it’s made me slightly anxious. Not only do I need to decide on something to give her for this upcoming event, which is stressful in itself, but I also have to write my own birthday list. Honestly having a twin sister makes things doubly stressful sometimes. Yes I… Read more »