Life Rambles: I Wish

I Wish - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Today’s post is bought to you from the crevices of my brain, read on for a brain dump of all the things I wish. Things that I wish didn’t exist or could happen or things that I’ve just been a pondering. It’s an eclectic list. You’ve been warned!

I wish…

M&S would double the size of their Cheese Taster packets. One portion is just not enough to satisfy that craving.

The new Game of Thrones book was in the world with us now. If feels like it’s been forever…

I’d planned my catch ups better this week and hadn’t managed to fill every evening before a weekend away. Fail.

I didn’t find it quite so hard to say no to purchasing another Christmas jumper.

I knew why toast always falls peanut butter side down.

There were more hours in the day to get through my huge TBR pile (100 books and counting…).

I could have another weekend with zero plans so I can continue to recharge. I’ve needed it this week.

UberEats didn’t exist, or was unable to deliver McDonald’s to my house…

I hadn’t waited two years to read The Lie Tree as it was an incredible book.

They hadn’t changed the story of Murder on the Orient Express, it was so unnecessary.

It was acceptable to wear slipper socks in the office. Toasty toes are the one.

I could force myself out of bed at 6am every morning to do some form of exercise, but alas no.

Southern Trains weren’t always delayed or cancelled on the rainy days. Why is that?

I wasn’t constantly surprised by the incredible creatures I see on Blue Planet, I should know more about the planet I’m on. Who knew there was a fish with feet?! INSANE.

I wasn’t such a magpie when it comes to Christmas wrapping paraphernalia.

Instagram wasn’t so addictive. I’d be far more productive if it wasn’t so easy to lose an entire hour doing nothing but scrolling and double tapping.

Tell me, what do you wish?

-Fi x


Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #95

Happy Friday everyone! How are we all this week? If I’m honest I’m a tad tired. I think my long weekend is catching up with me. I’m certainly ready for my weekend. Especially as this weekend is a completely free one -it’s going to be wonderful. I want to do a little Christmas shopping. I know it sounds early, but I’ve only got one more free weekend between now and the big day! So I know I need to get organised now in order to stop myself from becoming a panicked mess in December. The only other thing on my weekend agenda is a trip to the cinema to watch Murder on the Orient Express. I read the book a while a go so I really want to make sure I catch the film. I’m thinking a Saturday afternoon trip to my local Picturehouse and a Christmas coffee is exactly what I need. But before I plan my whole weekend let’s talk about the very point of this post. My favourite moments from the last seven days.

<> First up, obviously has to be my weekend trip to Paris. I had the most amazing time. So much walking, eating and laughing. Family trips are so good for my soul. Also I have discovered that I love Paris in Autumn – it’s utterly magical. Check out my Instagram for ALL the Paris photos!




<> On Monday I took the day off work because I have all the days to use up and it was so nice to have that extra time this week. I was also super productive which frankly is utterly surprising. I did a giant house clean which always feels so good. And of course that now means I don’t have to worry about that this weekend. Win win I say and therefore definitely a point for my favourite moments list this week.

<> It’s only FIVE weeks until Christmas! How did this happen? But also H O O R A Y! I’m doing my best to embrace all the things. In fact this week I forgot my homemade coffee which really irritated me. So of course I had to treat myself to a coffee in a Christmas cup on my way to work.




<> Also here are a couple of blog posts that have caught my eye this week, so I thought I’d share them here. Number One > this post on Five Ways to Read Your Favourite Blogs from Jasmin is really interesting. I’ve already started to switch from Bloglovin to Feedly and I much prefer it. Number Two > this post from Beckie about everyday sexism and the revelations that are coming to light.

<> On Thursday I had an excellent work breakfast at Dishoom. Now you all know by now how much I love Dishoom and their bacon and egg naan rolls. Anyway I was super happy when my colleague and desk buddy decided that a breakfast celebration was required for her last week in the office. I’m going to miss this lady so much, but every cloud has a silver lining and my bacon and egg naan was definitely the silver lining of that particular cloud.

<> I’ve been organising my Christmas playlist this week, I find it such a magical task. If anyone has any ‘must add’ songs or carols for the festive period then please send them my way.

<> Along the Christmas theme I’ve also started munching on clementines. I love that these fruits are now in season. This past week I’ve taken a couple of these to work each day for an afternoon snack and, even if I do say so myself, it’s probably my best idea ever!

What have been your favourite moments of the week? Have a lovely weekend everyone. Laura xx

Out and About: Favourite Walking Routes

A while back I was chatting with my Dad about how lucky we are that in the UK we have so much beautiful countryside for us to get out in and explore. A good long countryside walk is one of my favourite things to do. Especially in Autumn when it feels like the perfect way to balance out the cosy evenings curled up with a good book. Also there’s something about revising favourite walking routes with favourite people, old and new, that clears my head and makes me smile.

My love for a countryside walk probably stems from my childhood when we’d spend weekend afternoons walking with our parents through our local woodlands. We would race through the woods, stamp in muddy puddles and pause for a sit at our favourite trees. Now that we have a dog in the family this happens more and more. Whenever we are back home we will all join in on the daily dog walk, or we’ll plan a meet up at a midway point and discover a new walking route together. 

So after a conversation about the joys of walking in the woods and reminiscing about the walks of our childhood today I wanted to share some of my favourite walking routes around Surrey and London. 




The Drift Woodlands

The Drift is probably at the top of my favourite walking routes list. It’s so ingrained with my childhood because it is literally across the road from my parents’ house. Now this is super scary when you are walking home from the train station in the dark with this to your right, a road to your left and no street lights. But in the light of day it’s an absolute marvel.

Full of wildlife and with plenty of paths to explore I’m still discovering new sections. It’s teaming with wildlife from deers to pheasants, squirrels to all of the birds, plus it’s next to fields that house cows and horses. This is my go-to walk when I’m in charge of my parent’s dog. In fact on my most recent weekend of dog sitting three quarters of the dog walks happened over the road at The Drift. We’ve spent many a family walk traipsing through and exploring these woodlands, picking blackberries and then pausing for a sit down at our favourite fallen tree. If you’re ever in Surrey then you should definitely check it out.

Chobham Common

Chobham common has everything you want from a favourite walking route. There’s open grass areas, sandy paths, wooded areas and even a marshy section to really give your wellies a work out. We tend to take the same route around the common and back along the golf course, but there are plenty of trails signposted if you fancy shorter (or longer) routes. Also there are cows grazing on the heathland too, so watch out for those with your dog, but also make sure to take a snap! If you do go for a walk here then I can highly recommend rounding off your walk with a delicious meal at The Sun Inn.

Ockham and Wisley Common

This is another walking venue that is close to where I grew up, although I don’t think I ever walked there until we had a dog. There’s so much space to explore here, plus a little slice of history with Chatley Heath Semaphore Tower on the common too. This is one of a group of semaphore towers that were used to send messages between Portsmouth and London. Apparently it’s open to the public at certain times in the year – I’ve never actually been inside it as I pick the wrong time to go. But if that’s your thing then do check the information and time it right so that you can pop inside. 




Morden Hall Park

So Fi talked about Morden Hall Park a while back. Since then we’ve been on a very autumnal dog walk with 4/5 of the Evans family, plus the dog. It’s owned by the National Trust, but it’s free to walk around the grounds. Plus there’s an excellent cafe along with a garden centre and petshop too. On our latest visit we explored the wetlands area and stamped our way through the fallen leaves. Mum was also quite taken with the rose garden, so I think we’ll be back to explore that in the spring. We ended our trip with lunch at the cafe and a visit to the garden centre.

The Sheepleas

The final favourite walking route on the list is once again near where I grew up. I guess weekend walks were such a big part of my childhood that nowhere else can compare. Oh well, I’m embracing it! Now let’s get back to the Sheepleas. There are numerous pathways across the Sheepleas, which link the woodlands, grassy meadows and picnic areas with each other and offer a treasure trove of walks to explore. If I’m walking Luna and we’re not going to the Drift then it will most likely be on the Sheepleas instead. She loves it, there’s so much to explore and never a shortage of other dogs to play with!

So there they are, my favourite walking routes in the UK. What about you lovely lot. Do you have any favourite walks. What other areas should I explore and make the most of.

Laura xxx

The Book Corner: October Reads

October Reads - The Book Corner - This and That Blog

Greetings team and firstly an apology, I’ve kept you waiting almost two weeks for my October reads post! Eek how remiss of me. I’m sorry. I blame the new job craziness for that. But hopefully you’ll forgive me and dive straight in to today’s post, it’s a good ‘un after all. It’s my October reads update. Hooray – who doesn’t like talking books?!

The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer

I love Georgette Heyer’s novels and I think she’s incredibly underrated. Her books are the perfect mix of funny and heart-warming, with a little bit of the ridiculous thrown in. They’re basically like a warm hug. Maybe that’s why I see them as very autumnal reading, despite the cover look. Anyway I’ve not really read enough of her books so when Autumn began to show its colours I dove in to The Convenient Marriage. It’s a ridiculous story, full of silly characters and you can see what’s coming a mile off. But it’s still a really good read and I found myself snort-laughing a couple of times so I’d highly recommend you read it if you haven’t!

Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Jennifer Niven’s books but this is the first that I’ve read and it didn’t disappoint. I liked that Niven’s character’s seemed fully formed and flawed – they weren’t perfect teens using adult language. They were simply real teens, dealing with real issues in the way that I’d expect them too. The main character of Holding up the Universe, Libby, is such a brilliant character and I found her so inspiring. I wish I’d read about her as a teen myself – I could have done with some of her wise words.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

So yes, this is the first time I’ve read this classic. For some reason it never appealed before now and the two other times I’ve tried to read it I just couldn’t get into it so I gave up. But this time when I picked it up I was in love straightaway. Something about the writing just clicked this time – maybe because I had time to ponder and enjoy it. Whatever the reason I loved To Kill A Mockingbird and I can totally see why people adore this book. It’s so beautifully written and the characters are so interesting. It’s worrying that the themes of this book still resonate so much now, but perhaps that’s why people love the book so much.

October Reads - The Book Corner - This and That Blog

The Dollmaker of Krakow by R. M. Romero

This kids book is so gorgeous, the cover doesn’t quite do justice to the beautiful insides. It tells the tale of a doll that finds herself transported to 1930s Poland to life with a lonely dollmaker. There they befriend a young Jewish girl and her father just as the second world war breaks out. The Dollmaker of Krakow is a beautiful mix of magic and hope, horror and love and I raced through it. It’s simply beautiful.

Witchborn by Nicholas Bowling

This tale of witches and magic all set in Elizabethan London is such a good read. The world Bowling has imagined in Witchborn is so interesting, taking the view that Mary and Elizabeth were both witches – one good and one evil – and that the court was all involved in it too. The story sees two children traversing across a familiar London meeting all sorts of interesting people as they try to save one mother at the same time as learning about the secrets the other mother was keeping. I was left guessing about the big reveal right until the end. It really was an excellent read.

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

The Bear and the Nightingale is perhaps my book of the year! It’s set in the wilds of Russia and so was perfect for reading as autumn arrived – the snowy wilderness seemed suitable for an October read. The book tells the tale of a young girl who sees spirits that no one else can see. Over the years these spirits have protected the village thanks to the villagers’ superstitions. However when a new priest arrives spewing a philosophy of fear of spirits and things that are different the spirits start to neglect their duty and the village is in danger of an evil lurking just beyond the village. Vasilisa is the only one who still believes in the spirits’ power and she’s left to single-handedly save the village.

This book is hauntingly beautiful and the writing is so lyrical. Once you’ve started it you won’t be able to put it down. The world that Katherine Arden has created is so brilliantly imagined – I genuinely felt like I was in the Russia forests – and it feel so real.

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

Moxie is an incredible book and is so relevant to what’s happening in the world right now. It’s an empowering read and should be essential reading for teenagers across the country – I certainly could have done with it while at school. It’s about a girl who starts a feminist movement at her school without meaning too. She starts a zine in response to how the teachers are treating the girls – penalising them for distracting the teachers and boys by what they’re wearing – and making the football team out to be godlike, despite their hideous way of treating girls. Little does she realises others are feeling the same way and she starts a movement that inspires others and changes her world. Genuinely everyone should read this book.

Everless by Sarah Holland

Everless is the last of my October reads and is book one in a brilliant new YA series about a world where time is in people’s blood and the rich can buy blood and time in order to life longer. The poor must sell there blood in order to survive, although of course not for long as they’re shortening their life each time they sell their blood or time for money.

This is such an intriguing concept and it’s brilliantly written. Our main character, Jules, is clearly morally good, despite the secrets hinted at in her past. She ends up working at Everless, the estate of the cruel, ruling family and while there, trying to save her family, she uncovers more about her mysterious past. There is, of course as per all brilliant YA, a mini love triangle, but that’s not the key part of the story. In fact it’s almost incidental. Basically this is a brilliant series that you’ll want to get stuck into asap when it’s out in the new year. Although be warned it’ll keep you guessing right until the end!

So there we go, my October reads are finally up on the blog! Have you read any of these books? If so which were your favourites?

-Fi x

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #94

Hi team! I hope you’re well and have had a good week. Mine has been lovely, although it’s flown by. That’s not necessarily a bad thing mind you – I’ve got awesome weekend plans after all! More about those later, first up on my Friday favourites list we have…

The new Thor film, Thor Ragnarok, which we went to watch on Friday night. Spoiler: it’s sooooo good! It’s flipping hilarious. You get introduced to loads of new characters, it’s packed full of brilliant action and epic fight scenes and an incredibly bad ass new villain in the shape of Cate Blanchett’s Hela. Basically I loved it all! But the real highlight? It has to be the relationship between Thor and Hulk. Just perfect.

Friday Favourites #94 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Guys the Starbucks Christmas cups are here and I love them. I think I even prefer them to the usual #redcups. I know! Insanity. Who even I am?

Is there anything better than long overdue catch ups with friends? I think not. I’ve been lucky enough to have two this week. While they were fun I will definitely try to make them less overdue in the future. I need to catch up with my people more often, most definitely.

So don’t hate me but, I’ve started my Christmas shopping. I know, I know it’s still fifty days to Christmas. But I’m trying to spread the cost and to be honest it just brings me such joy. There’s something that’s so lovely about choosing gifts for others isn’t there? Here’s hoping they like my choices come December 25th!

Friday Favourites #94 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Talking of Christmas I spent Sunday wandering around London popping in to all the Christmas departments getting all festive. It was the best plan I’ve ever had. I was shocked by the prices in Selfridges, blown away by the bauble wall in John Lewis and in love with everything in Liberty. Isn’t Christmas just the best?

Next on the Friday favourites list this week we have the wonder of a morning swim. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as starting the day in the pool. I just wish I could do it every day. But alas I’d be grumpy if I got up at 6am every morning, not to mention at £4 a pop it’s not something that my purse would appreciate on a daily basis!

This week I finally went to the Harry Potter exhibition at the British Library guys and it’s incredible. You MUST go. It’s full of pages from J. K. Rowling’s edited manuscripts, ancient scrolls and original potion books plus gorgeous illustrations by Jim Kay from the illustrated editions. It’s a Potterhead’s dream!

Friday Favourites #94 - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

On Wednesday I went to the National Theatre to watch Network and I was blown away by it. The staging, story and acting were all outstanding. And while the whole cast were brilliant, the two main stars, Brian Cranston and Michelle Doherty, definitely deserve special mention. They were incredible.

And finally this evening we’re off to Paris for the weekend and I’m just so excited! I’m going with mum and my sisters and we’re planning all the eating and gossiping, with a little sightseeing thrown in. It’s going to be such fun! I’ve visited a few times before so it’s not a case of having to pack everything in, which is nice. Definitely less stressed than previous trips!

So there we have it, this week’s Friday favourites list. What’s made your list this week?

-Fi x

In the Kitchen: Autumnal Overnight Oats


When it comes to weekday breakfasts I tend to eat at work rather than at home. I’m either out of the house by 6:15 to get my swim in or I’m spending as long as possible in bed before leaving at 7:30. With both options sitting down to eat breakfast is not on the agenda at all. Instead I prep my breakfast the night before, grab it as I leave the house and then eat at work. Now because I eat at my desk I need something that travels well. That doesn’t need 15 different condiments or pieces of cutlery and, of course, something that tastes delicious. Well, luckily for me, I’ve discovered the perfect autumnal overnight oats recipe. Hooray!

I dabbled with peanut butter overnight oats earlier in the year, and while I loved them, I did get a little bored of them after a while. So over the summer I went back to granola and yogurt. Now that will always be a favourite but is a little boring, and can’t be eaten five days in a row. So late summer I decided I needed to try overnight oats again, but with a different topping, something that would work for all day, every day. And guys, I’ve done it!  This is the autumnal overnight oats recipe that everyone needs. And it’s so simple, like store cupboard ingredients simple. These oats are also delicious, keep me filled until lunchtime and are not boring at all.

Ingredients: Makes two servings

1 cup of milk / 1 cup of greek yogurt / 1 cup of porridge oats / half cup of sultanas / drizzle of honey / ground cinnamon


mix the milk, yogurt and oats together in a bowl / add the sultanas, a good drizzle of honey and a shaking of ground cinnamon (I can’t be more exact as I do different amounts each time)! / mix everything together / cover with cling film and place in the fridge / in the morning give everything a final stir and then divide between two bowls or tupperware for deskfast (desk breakfast).

The other great thing about this recipe is that you make it the night before. So there’s no need to make a mad dash around the kitchen in the morning. Do you make overnight oats? Do you have any favourite recipes? Please share if you do.

Laura x

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #93

Happy Friday one and all! I can’t wait for the weekend to begin! Is anyone else super excited for the first weekend of November? I totally am, the weather has got cooler, the leaves are all crunchy and I have two days of fun planned with friends. Plus quite a bit of sleeping too, because let’s be honest that is what weekends are for. But before that happens let’s have a chat about this past week and my happy things list.

<> First up on the happy things list is my four day weekend. I took a couple of days off work in order to dog sit for my parents. It was such a perfect time, even if I was up at 6am with the Lunabean every day. But apart from that I spent a lot of time relaxing and walking all over the place. I think the long walks in the fresh air was exactly what I needed. There’s nothing like some time to yourself and long bracing walks to clear your head.




<> And what comes alongside a four day weekend? A four day week of course. While fitting five days of work into four isn’t my favourite thing ever this has turned into a pretty productive week. Plus I’ve managed to tick two major things off my list, over the last couple of days, so that’s a huge relief.

<> Another highlight of my week was all the puppy cuddles that I received over those four days. Again those puppy cuddles were also exactly what I needed. Puppy dog eyes are the best.

<> Next up on the happy things list is CHRISTMAS CUPS! Yes they are back in Starbucks and Costa (although yuck to Costa’s coffee). By pure chance I forgot my coffee tumbler on Thursday so I actually managed to get a Christmas cup on day one of them appearing in Starbucks.




<> I’ve been obsessing over the new Kelly Clarkson album this week. It’s called Meaning of Life and all of the songs are excellent. Plus her voice is so magnificent, it gives me shivers. There have been a lot of messages about it in the Sisterlings Whatsapp group this week.

<> Also this week I bought my first box of mince pies. Not even sorry! Although I haven’t actually opened them yet, but I’m sure that will change come the weekend! Also I’m a little obsessed with the Christmas tubs of mini cheddars, especially as they’re on offer in Lidl. Clearly I’m a marketers dream!

<> My final point for this happy things list is the GBBO final. Did you watch it? I thought it was a great final. Such great challenges and utterly amazing bakes. I really have been a fan of this season. The changes have breathed new life into the series and the addition of toilet/snack breaks is always good!

What would you add to your happy things list this week? Hope everyone has a good weekend and see you all soon.

Laura xxx


In the Kitchen: Five Minute Ginger Chicken

Five Minute Ginger Chicken - In the Kitchen - This and That Blog

I feel that quick and easy are fast becoming my go-tos when it comes to cooking. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy or maybe it’s just that after a long day at work I don’t want to be faffing around too much in the kitchen. Especially when I’m also prepping lunch and breakfast for the next day at the same time. What can I say trying to save money by prepping meals from scratch is really quite a faff. But what’re you gonna do, hey?! Anyway, onto the point of today’s post – my current super easy go to recipe: a simple five minute ginger chicken!

Five Minute Ginger Chicken: The Ingredients

230g egg noodles | 2 tbsp oil | 2 chicken breasts cut into thin strips | an inch of ginger, peeled and chopped | 1 red chilli, deseeded and sliced | 2tsp five spice | 3 spring onions | 2 dashes soy sauce | 2tbsp runny honey | handful fresh coriander |  1/2 a lemon | salt and pepper

Five Minute Ginger Chicken: The Method

Cook the noodles in boiling water as per the instructions | Fry the chicken strips, the ginger and the chilli in the hot oil | Add the five spice and toss in the pan | Once the chicken is cooked add the spring onions, soy sauce and honey | Drain the noodles and add to the chicken, tossing everything together | Sprinkle with coriander and lemon |Serve and enjoy!

This recipe for five minute ginger chicken is from Jamie’s Dinners: The Essential Cookbook and makes enough for two people. I’m so pleased I rediscovered it recently. After all it ticks all the boxes: healthy, yummy, simple, delicious and easy to make. Who doesn’t love a recipe that takes less than five minutes, plus a bit of prep? Tell me, what’s your favourite quick and easy recipe, do share it with me below.

-Fi x

Life Rambles: Top Tips For Getting Stuff Done

Top Tips For Getting Stuff Done - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

Today’s post is full of my top tips for getting stuff done when things get busy. Well not just busy, but next level busy. Our next month is going to be next level busy. So far in the mix we’ve got: me getting to grips with a new job, Lau being slammed with work, two weekends away (Paris and Manchester here we come) and a weekend full of plans with friends. On top of that I’m hoping to do most of my Christmas shopping in November, plus making a few pressies, see lots of friends before the Christmas craziness begins and you know also have time for some relaxing too.

Knowing me this busy time will mean that I don’t get round to doing all the normal life stuff that’s essential. For my life running smoothly but also for my well being. You know like the life admin and the exercise. When things get busy I become a ridiculous procrastinator and can’t do anything but veg on the sofa. But I’ve got too much to do over the coming weeks to let that happen so here are my top tips for getting stuff done. These top tips will be key to me over the coming weeks – I just have to use them!

Schedule Everything In

This one is key! At the start of each week I’m going to schedule in time for exercise, for chores and for various life admin tasks. Sometimes I’ll be able to block in a three hour session for getting stuff done and other times it’ll just be 30 minutes over my lunch break but I know that scheduling the time in is the only way that these things will get done. Plus if I schedule the time in then it’s an event that I’ve signed up to and have to actively not do. So it’ll be harder to forego doing it. Or at least that’s the hope.

Meal Planning

While I won’t be in much over the coming weeks, when I am I really need to make food and not give in to Just Eat or microwaveable means from the new M&S in Stretham. So therefore meal planning is going to be integral. I’ll do it on a weekly basis and keep it simple recipe wise. I’m thinking jackets and chilli or soup and toasties rather than anything more extravagant. If you have any easy, fail-safe recipes then send them my way.

Make a List

The only way I’ll get anything done is if I know what needs to be done. So tonight I’ll be making my list of life admin and other things that needs doing over the coming month. So far I’ve got the following things on my list: pay my credit card, transfer to my savings, find a hotel for Manchester, write my Christmas list, send my friend’s birthday present, write some blog posts, schedule in tweets, sign up for the new work pension plan. Oh. My. God. I’ve got all the things to do. Send help!


Once my list is written I’m going to be numbering them all in order of priority. That way I won’t be tempted to leave the harder/longer tasks until the end of the month. I know myself too well. Hence the need for these top tips after all!

Say no

By this I mean I need to say no to things that I either don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. I’m so bad at this normally but I think I need to embrace it this month. Not only because of my stupidly long to do list but also for my sanity!

So there we go, my top tips for getting stuff done. Fingers crossed these top tips help me over the following weeks! Oh and if you have any of your own top tips for getting stuff done then please do send them my way. I think I’m going to need all the help I can get!

-Fi x

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #92

Happy Friday team and how are you all doing? I’m not going to lie I’m exhausted this week, I put that down to the fact that I started my new job this week. Who knew that going back to fully concentrating after a week off would be *quite* so exhausting. Spoiler: not me! I’m sure exhaustion wasn’t helped by a week of fun things – but you know life is for living after all! Anyway, let’s dive into today’ Friday Favourites list…

<> So that’s number one on today’s favourites list – starting my new job! Like I said it’s been super busy and exhausting, but it’s also been interesting, inspiring and fun. Plus everyone’s lovely, which makes the wrench from my old team easier to deal with.

<> Over the weekend I filled our fireplace with all the candles and pumpkins and it’s giving me life right now. It’s so lovely how something so simple can make you so happy. Yeah for warm snuggly things.

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

<> In other exciting news I’ve been on a really good reading run recently – helped in no small part by the fact that I recently had a week off. I tried to stick to more autumnal reads and really enjoyed matching my read to the season. So if you’re interested in doing something similar I can highly recommend both The Bear and the Nightingale, The Dollmaker of Krakow and Witch Wood.

<> This autumn I’m determined to be outside and enjoying this gorgeous season as much as possible. So of course that means puppy walks, because the addition of a puppy is the only thing that could make autumn better. We had a family puppy walk at the weekend in Morden Hall Park and it was as glorious as I hoped.

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

<> Item five on today’s favourites list is some recent new additions to my wardrobe. Basically a result of my week 0ff – I couldn’t stop myself from buying some lovely things I’ve had my eye on since my autumn wishlist post. After much deliberation I went with the ‘you’re smashing it!’ striped top and book shelf dress, both from Joanie. They are basically the dream in terms of fit, style and comfort. I cannot recommend them enough!

<> We ended up at the new Duck and Waffle location this week and it’s possibly my new favourite restaurant. The food was delicious, the location ideal and it also had space for a walk in on a Wednesday. You can’t ask for more than that! Having never had the legendary Duck and Waffle dish of confit duck leg, fried egg, waffle and maple syrup I of course had to go for that. It’s legendary for a reason FYI. I followed a waffle main up with a waffle pudding topped with caramelised banana and hazelnuts, chocolate sauce and ice cream. It was the dream. Duck and Waffle Local it’s just off Piccadilly if you’re tempted to give it a whirl!

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

<> I’ve decided I’d quite like it if I had me as a godmother. The reason for this? The Halloween treats that I’ve just sent off to my goddaughter and her siblings. I bundled up a Halloween themed read, stickers and chocolates for the older two and a Halloween book for the eight month old. Fingers crossed they like them!

Friday Favourites - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

<> Rounding off the list is an early night and Netflix in bed. Is there anything better when you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed with life? I think not. I’m making my way through Code Black at the moment and it’s just the perfect mix of mindless and engrossing. Just what you need when you’re exhausted!

So there we go, my favourites list for the week. Tell me, what would be on yours?

-Fi x