Dreaming of an Autumn wardrobe

So I don’t know about anyone else, but I for one am very pleased that the seasons seem to be changing – I am ready and raring to go with Autumn. Don’t get me wrong I love the summer sun, but autumn is the season I was made for. I love the chill in the air, snuggling up, the darker evenings and not sweltering on the tube. I’ve always preferred being cold and getting warm than being too hot – I can never cool down once I’m too warm.
So with the arrival of cooler weather my mind has of course turned to new clothes. After all it’s the perfect excuse to buy some new bits and pieces, such as these…
Autumn Wants
Clockwise from top left corner
Now there’s no way I can let myself buy all of the above – especially not four pairs of shoes (shoe fetish anyone?) but I’m certainly going to treat myself to a couple of bits to complete my wardrobe. Top of the list are the heeled brogues as they’ll go with skirts, dresses and jeans and cope with the changeable weather. As for the skinny jeans and flat boots, definitely a must with all the jumpers I have in my wardrobe. As well as a shoe fetish the above collage has shown me that I also have an obsession with animals on knitwear.
It’s times like this that make it clear that Fi and I are twins. After seeing her wants collage above I could happily own and wear each and every item. When you think about it it’s actually pretty awesome, because if she gets any of these new wardrobe additions then I can borrow them for myself. It’s win win really!
My current Autumn picks are below – I say current as this is bound to change as soon as I click publish!
Autumn wants
Clockwise from top left corner
For me Autumn is all about comfort, which basically means a dress, tights and boots or a jumper, skirt/jeans and boots. That’s it. Nothing more is needed after that. This autumn I really don’t want to do a lot of shopping as I have other things that I need to be buying but it would be good to get a couple more dresses and skirts to go with my already enormous collection of jumpers and cardigans.
So tell us, what are you most looking forward to adding to your wardrobe this autumn? Is there anything that’s a must have Autumn essential?
Lau & Fi xx

Five Favourites: The Southbank, London

Happy Tuesday lovely people! Here in the UK we’ve just had a bank holiday so it’s especially hard going back to work today. Luckily there’s a Travel Tuesday link up to help us along the way. Let’s be honest, if I can’t go on a world trip then visiting places while sitting at my desk is the next best thing.

It’s funny isn’t it, but I always forget to talk about where I live. I don’t know why, but Fi and I both seem to automatically write about trips away rather than those favourite nearby places. Which is pretty silly as I love reading about places that people live near, you get such great advice from people that actually live in a city. So in the spirit of talking about where I live I’m going to share with you my five favourite places to visit on London’s Southbank.

The Southbank is exactly that. It’s an area on the south bank of the River Thames from Westminster Bridge all the way down to Gabriel’s Wharf. It’s filled with art, theatres, eateries and shops.

Temporary space at The National Theatre

The National Theatre – The National Theatre is probably my favourite place in London, I love a trip to the theatre and this place has amazing productions all year round. They are the people behind hits such as War Horse, The Curious Incident in the Nighttime and One Man, Two Guvnors. Trips to the National tend to be a family affair, with Fi and I joining our parents and younger sister (when she is home from Uni). Most recently we’ve watched A Small Family Business and Medea here, and we have tickets to see Ballyturk here in October. Even if you’re not watching a play it’s still worth a visit. There are two restaurants, a coffee shop and an espresso bar as well as countless numbers of photography exhibitions and musicians taking over the foyer space throughout the year. Plus a trip to the terraces and numerous balconies are always necessary. The views from here are stunning, from Parliament and the London Eye, across to St Paul’s with the city in the distance. Plus if you can time it for sunset you are in for a serious treat.

National Theatre all lit up

 The Riverfront Bar and Kitchen Restaurant – This restaurant run by Benugo, is situated underneath Waterloo Bridge. It’s the perfect place to people watch and grab dinner before taking in a film at the BFI or a play at the National. Their menu is constantly changing and there have daily specials. I can highly recommend the arancini starter and the pulled pork burger.

The Southbank Shop – I’m a huge fan of the shop at the Southbank. They have brilliant window displays and lots of quirky gifts for everyone, including that tricky person who you can never please. It’s also a great place to pick up good stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts at Christmas. They stock everything from jewelery to furniture, toys to crockery, there really is something for everyone (and lots that I’d love!).

The London Eye

The Royal Festival Hall – The Royal Festival Hall is one of the three buildings that make up The Southbank Centre, along with the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Hayward Gallery. The RFH is my favourite because of the vast variety of things going on there at any one time, from music to sculptures and knit-ins. Plus there’s a Pimm’s terrace in the summer! There’s also an excellent food market throughout the year at the back of the RFH. Brownies to die for.

The People Watching – Where ever you are along the Southbank there is so much to see. The views of the river are stunning, but there’s also just the sites and people along the way. From the children playing in the water fountains and the sandy beach in the summer, to the Christmas Market, the Skylon cocktail bar, eating outside at Gabriel’s Wharf, watching the locals cycle and run along the River, people perusing the book market or the skateboarders completing tricks in the skate park under the RFH. It really is a site to behold.

Browsing the used book stalls

Does anyone else have a different favourite place on the Southbank, what have I missed?

And what is your favourite place near where you live?

Lau xx


Travel Tuesday

Delicious bites of Sweet Potato Falafel

Ooh our very first foodie post – yay for that! And what’s even more exciting is that this recipe is an update on one of my all-time favourite recipes – sweet potato falafel. I first discovered this falafel at Leon on The Strand, one of the best lunch places, around about four years ago and I was in love. These creamy sweet potato bites were amazing and as my first falafel experience it was a good ‘un. Yes my first falafel experience as back then I didn’t like chickpeas – yes I was weird. I mean really, not liking chickpeas, how is that even a thing?! Anyway I discovered this falafel and made it ALL THE TIME. It was perfect in lunches or as a quick snack dipped into perinaise.

However since that initial discovery I’ve learned to love chickpeas and I’ve had coarser-chickpea-containing falafel and so the time has come to give a new recipe a whirl – something that’s a bit coarser but still keeps the creamy taste of the sweet potatoes. So here’s what you do…

Cook three medium sweet potatoes in the over for 40 minutes until the skin is starting to peel away.

Scoop out the potato innards (should one use the word innards in a recipe post?) and pop them in a bowl with 3 tsps cumin, 3 tsps ground corriander, two cloves of garlic, the juice of half a lemon, 150g of gram or chickpea flour and two tins of chickpeas and blitz them all with a food processor until there are fewer lumps. {personally I like some of the chickpeas to stay whole, but it’s up to you}.

Put the mixture in the fridge for a couple of hours or the freezer for 30 minutes until the mixture firms up

Create balls of the mixture and roll it in a plate of olive oil and then a plate of sesame seeds. Repeat until you have about 30 sweet potato falafel balls.

Put all the balls on an oiled baking tray and bake for 15  minutes at 200 degrees celsius

Serve with salad, rice or simply dip into perinaise and enjoy!



*I’ve never had these straight out of the oven but I think next time I make them I’ll try eating them warm with some sort of ratatouille mixture – I think that would make the perfect combo, or even in a warmed pitta bread with salad and mayo…ooh there are just so many options.

So, tell me, have you ever made falafel? How did it go?

Fi xx

Running Link Up – Training

So this is a link up that Fi and I have been joining in with sporadically throughout the year. It’s a great way to get running tips and tricks from like-minded running bloggers, so make sure you click on the image below to see the other Runners Tell All posts. This month’s topic is your favourite person to train with or your favourite training plan.

Selfie taken on Millennium Bridge during the last Sunday brunch run, behind my head are our Dad and sister

We’ve decided to focus on the favourite person to train with part of this prompt as it’s a great topic to cover. Let’s be honest who you run with has a major affect on how well you run. I do love running by myself as it’s a great way to clear the mind and chill out completely, plus I have a pretty super playlist so that’s all good. But the best runs are the Sunday brunch runs that Fi and I do with the family. Every few weeks or so I will get up early on a Sunday morning and meet up with my parents and my sisters (depending on who’s around) on London’s Southbank. We leave my Mum wandering along the river and we head east along the Southbank. We tend to cross over the river at the Millennium Bridge and then wind our way around St Paul’s and into the City, the route constantly changes, we may take in Leadenhall Market, The Strand, Fleet Street or Temple, but we always end up along the northern Embankment where we cross back over the river at either Westminster or the Hungerford Bridge. We meet the Mothership back at the Royal Festival Hall where we all recover before changing and heading out for brunch, we go somewhere close by, Tom’s Kitchen, Bill’s or Le Pain Quotidien which all do great eggs and coffee – what more could we want? We normally run between 4-6 miles so we really feel like we earn our Sunday brunch afterwards. It’s such a great run as we all push ourselves a lot more than normal. Plus it’s totally rewarding to have such a productive Sunday morning.

Me, Dad and Fi after our first ever 10k  race back in 2013

Lau xx

Exploring Chester

Our lovely friends Jo and Dan got married two weeks ago just outside Chester at the beautiful Rowton Hall Hotel. Having never been to Chester before it seemed like a genius idea to spend the weekend before the Monday wedding exploring that part of the world – let’s be honest I love any excuse to have a mini break with the family!  The weekend was jam-packed with board games, amazing food and a much-needed catch-up with family and lovely friends but we also managed to fit in a bit of an explore around Chester too. It really is a beautiful city, especially in the glorious summer sunshine. If you ever visit Chester here’s my list of must dos!

Photograph the Chester Clock – make sure you get LOTS of pictures of the beautiful clock at the East Gate of the walls as it is beautiful. I swear everyone stopped to take pictures as they walked towards it from street level and as they walked under it and along the walls. It’s understandable though as it’s stunning. I’m sure it’s the most photographed thing in the city!

Wander around the city walls – the walls reach about 2 miles around the city and give you a great perspective over the streets below and the surrounding countryside. It’s amazing to think that the walls have survived for so many hundreds of years and that they are such a tourist attraction in the city.


Explore the shops (and head on out to Cheshire Oaks too!) – I always have to have a little wander in and out of shops in a new city – even if I don’t buy anything and Chester won’t disappoint. It’s lovely walking in and out of shops that are in the most stunning ancient buildings. Also the Cheshire Oaks Outlet Mall is worth a visit if you love Gap, Paperchase and Joules as well as tons of other shops. I may have got a bargain or two whilst there…

Have food (or drinks) at Odd Fellows – I’m so pleased we kept ambling around the city looking at eateries before settling on this place as it was amazing! It’s a boutique hotel with the most amazing outdoor and conservatory eating area. The outdoor area has a mix of tall tables and normal wooden ones and is decorated with giant peacock lampshade – amazing! We were seated inside around a table that had a tree in the middle of it and the food was some of the best I’ve ever had without being pretentious and expensive. I can highly recommend the sharing platters and chicken club sandwich.

Have you ever been to Chester? What other things would you add to this list?

I’m linking up with Bonnie et al for Travel Tuesday, so if you have time make sure you read all the other brilliant travel posts too.

Fi xx


Travel Tuesday


Hello and Welcome

Hi there and welcome to our brand new blogging space. Fi and I have been talking about this joint space for awhile now, so it’s uber exciting to be writing the ACTUAL FIRST POST! We’re not complete newbies to the blogging world, we’ve just decided to shelf our old blogs and band together to create this lovely looking new space. Well actually, in all honesty this space was designed by Kate, who blogs over at The Lotus Creative. Kate has been super amazing and was able to transform the rather random ideas from two completely slightly clueless girls into what you can see right here, right now.

Now anyone that’s stumbled over from one of our old blogs please don’t fret you’re still going to get everything that you had before, plus so much more! We’ll be sharing our favourite recipes, they’ll be book chatter, craft things, running dilemmas and of course rambling about everything under the sun. So have a nosy around and see what you think. 

And for anyone that’s new to the pair of us and our blogging style check out some of the posts below to get a flavour of who we are and what we like to natter on (and on) about…

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Lau and Fi xx