All Things Fitness: Half Marathon Training

So Fi and I are running a half marathon in March. Yes, this might have been mentioned once or twice already, but hey, here we go again!

Half marathon training officially started the Monday after Christmas and includes running, swimming and some circuit training. It’s brilliant to get back into running properly again. But I have to admit that I’m just a little bit scared and here’s why…

~ In an ideal world I would prefer to have more miles under my belt. In 2014 I dropped the running ball a little, I was hoping to have six miles as my normal run before I started training, but at the moment it’s more like 3.

~ Also it’s such a big commitment with 5 workouts a week during the training and with the unpredictable weather of the UK I know it’s going to be hard sometimes to make myself get out of bed and go for that early run or swim. That being said I have done this before, so I know I can do it again.

~ Finally I’m worried that I will rest on my laurels too much. Having completed this training and a half marathon before there’s a danger of being over confident and maybe not working as hard as I should do at this.

Half Marathon Training - All Things Fitness - This and That Blog


New running shoes are a go. {please ignore the pink legs, it was very cold at 9 am on the first Sunday of 2015}

So there we have it, my worries for the next few weeks for half marathon training. I think I just need to keep reminding myself that I signed up for this race to have fun. At the end of the day I don’t have any huge goals for this race. Worrying isn’t necessary as all I need to do is go and run in the beautiful county of Surrey and enjoy myself. If I do that then all will be well. Ignore other people, ignore my pace and the clock.

What races or fitness plans does everyone else have this year?

Laura xxx

In the Kitchen: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Granola

Synonymous with the start of a New Year is cutting out all the bad foods from your life. So instead of that 600 calorie sandwich you eat a healthy salad or switch a hot chocolate with whipped cream for a skinny latte, or better yet the Americano. Hands up if you’re making those sots of changes right now? I’m going to try to, but realistically removing all the bad stuff at the same time as training for a half marathon is probably a stretch too far. However, I’m going to try!

As part of my attempt to be good I spent last weekend making a few of my favourite foods ahead of a week back at work, after all experience tells me that being healthy is far easier if you’re prepared. So I made cous cous and roasted veg, cooked up lots of fish and chicken and mixed up a big bowl of crushed and minted new potatoes, which kept us both well fed last week!


Peanut Butter and Chocolate Granola

The other thing that I made was a massive batch of granola, just perfect with a generous helping of yogurt each morning. Granola is one of those foods I could eat all day long. I love the crunch and the sheer variety of flavours you can find granola in. Plus it keeps me full all morning, definitely what you need when you’re cutting out the snacking. It’s been a while since I made a batch so I decided to play around with a recipe and come up with something new to me. The result? A delicious peanut butter and chocolate concoction which is amazing. I’ve had it every day this week sprinkled on yogurt and it was just what the healthy police ordered.

  • 25g butter
  • 4 tbsp agave syrup
  • 5 tbsp crunchy peanut butter
  • 300g rolled oats
  • 15g cacao nibs
  • 50g roughly chopped almonds
  • 15g flax, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds and goji berries mix
  1. Melt the butter, agave syrup and peanut butter in the microwave (1 minute on high should do it)
  2. Add the wet mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well
  3. Grease and line a baking sheet before pressing the mixture into it (ideally no more than 1 cm thick)
  4. Bake on 180C for 15 minutes on the middle shelf

See I told you it was easy! The best bit of this particular granola? The tiny hints of chocolate in the form of cacao nibs and the sweetness of the agave syrup. Two simple ways to be a little bit healthy whilst still getting your sugar kick. Just what I need each morning when I’m steering clear of the hazelnut latte and going for the americano instead. So if you’re jumping on the healthy bandwagon and want to stay on it (the important part!), give it a try. You’ll love it – promise!

– Fi x

Getting Crafty: Knitted Snood

As Fi mentioned in an earlier post my sisters and I made Christmas presents for each other this year. I had so much fun doing this, it’s great to have an excuse to do something crafty. Today I’m sharing the gift that I made Becca – a knitted snood. When we agreed to get crafty I knew straight away that I wanted to make Becca a knitted snood. She’s currently studying in Sheffield and it’s cold cold cold up there.

With that in mind any extra layers are always welcome. She already has an amazing long red scarf with enormous pom poms, so I settled on a snood for her instead and went on the hunt for a pattern. Luckily I remembered that the lovely Michelle over at Life Outside London had blogged about making a snood back in August. I quickly searched out that post for some inspiration (read it here) and after seeing her finished snood in moss stitch decided that I had to give it a go. I just loved how it looked and I knew that Becca would love it.

I picked a purple wool for the knitted snood and then adapted Michelle’s pattern ever so slightly. I decided to ignore the twisting element and just stitched together the two ends to create the snood. I also made my rows 45 stitches long as I wanted something a little wider. This meant that I used almost 5 balls of wool and I felt like I was knitting forever. Fun fact: I was on Oxford Street buying wool on the 22nd Dec and then knitting on the 23rd, nothing like cutting it close!

Knitted Snood - Getting Crafty - This and That Blog

the finished snood

I really loved how this turned out and I’m so pleased that Michelle blogged about her snood. Otherwise who knows what I would have knitted instead! Even more importantly I think Becca liked it too, she ended up wearing it as soon as she’d unwrapped it.

Laura xx

Out and About: Travelling in Europe

Thought of the Day - This and That Blog

{unsplash – Liane Metzler}

So here’s the thing. I can’t afford a holiday and yet I’ve got severe wanderlust for EVERYWHERE in Europe right now. What is it about the start of the year that makes you want to visit all the places at once? Are you planning holidays at the moment too? It can’t just be me can it? Tell me where are you considering jetting off too? Realistically I wont make it out of Europe this year, one of the joys of buying a house I suppose – first world whinge I know! As a result I’ve been concentrating on my own exciting continent for now and so far my list of top five ten must-visit-asap-please-can-I-win-the-lottery-now places are:

Italy – One of my all-time favourite countries, thanks to the amazing food, beautiful cities and stunning vistas, its high time I visited it again. I’d love to explore Rome all over again, visit the Amalfi coast and relax in Tuscany.

Norway – So being a slight Frozen obsessed individual I now need to visit the country that inspired it. I want to see the summer’s never-ending sunlight, travel along the Fjjords, meet the reindeer, build a snowman, see the Northern Lights, explore Oslo and everything  else.

Moscow – Posing in front of the St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square is on my bucket list. It’s one of those places that seems like a fairytale and I need to see to believe. Then there’s all the other things to see in Moscow, from the Bolshoi Theatre and the Kremlin, to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and Kolomenskoye, I just can’t wait to visit. Maybe one day.

Barcelona – I loved this gorgeous city when I visited it 10+ years ago but I’d love to explore it further. The architecture is so out-of-this-world and so astonishing that it needs to be seen all over again. I also want to spend more time on the beach and eating all of the tapas. It would be the perfect long weekend, wouldn’t it?

Lisbon – I’ve been to Portugal numerous times and even driven through Lisbon, but alas I’ve never stopped and explored it properly. Fingers crossed this year I’ll find time to visit Lisbon whilst in Portugal.

Iceland – the natural phenomenon in Iceland really need to be seen in my life I think. The Blue Lagoon, the waterfall of the Gods, the geysers and the Asbyrgi are all on my must visit list, again places that I think need to be seen to be believed.

Prague – I don’t know much about Prague but I do know it’s meant to be beautiful. The architecture looks stunning and I love the idea of walking around the old parts of the city and properly getting to know. And then maybe stopping in a small bar to warm up. Have you ever been, what would you suggest?

Salzburg – Ever since I watched The Sound of Music for the first time I’ve been eager to visit this city. I’ve heard such wonderful things about it. I can’t wait to see the picturesque hills that are ‘alive with the sound of music’ and walk the beautiful streets of this Austrian city. This was not curbed by the beautiful pictures on Erica’s blog last year. Thanks Erica!

Scotland – I’ve only been to Scotland twice in my life. Once as a five year old when we visited the stunning highlands and got rained on a lot. The second time was four years or so ago when I finally made it to beautiful Edinburgh. What an amazing city. I loved it. This year I want to explore the highlands again and spend a week in the middle of nowhere with my family exploring and taking time out. Bliss.

Ireland The coastline of Ireland always looks so fabulous on programmes like Coast, so to see it in the flesh would be pretty awesome! I’m not fussed about where, as long as I see some of the gorgeous coloured stone cottages, sumptuous views and jagged coastline I’d be happy.

So tell me what are you must visit places, any that I need to add to the list? Or any blog links to posts about the above must-visit-asap-please-can-I-win-the-lottery-now places? You know to just keep the wanderlust building…

– Fi x

Travelling in Europe - Out and About - This and That Blog

{unsplash – Thomas Lefebvre}

Life Rambles: Simple Things

It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary. 

Paulo Coelho

Simple Things - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

It’s the beginning of a new week, it’s a new year and I’m back at work today. So with all that in mind this is a gentle reminder to myself to focus on the simple things in life. That first cup of coffee, a good book, that moment of hysterical laughter or a gorgeous sunset.

Laura xx

Wishlists: Running Gear

Here’s the thing, I’m in desperate need of new trainers ready for my half marathon in March and with that in mind I was given a voucher for Sweatshop for Christmas. So it’s now post Christmas and with my brand new voucher to hand I hopped on over to the Sweatshop website in order to peruse their trainers… and then I got sidetracked. By all the clothes in the sale. I’m now trying to justify the need for new running clothes as well as trainers. I mean I need to train for the half marathon right, so surely I need new training gear? Okay so I really don’t. but I could, maybe….? So here’s a running wishlist. Oops!

Running Wishlist - Wishlists - This and That Blog


Red long sleeve top / Nike grey shorts / Black running tights / Winter beanie hat

Watch this space. Someone find me some will power please.

Any other sales bargains that I need to know about?


Getting Crafty: Making a Bobble Hat

This Christmas my sisters and I decided we would make one another presents to try to spend a little less money, and to also challenge our crafting skills. In all honesty I was a little concerned about how everything would turn out, but the presents were all so lovely – nice and surprising! It’s definitely made me think about making more presents in the future, after all it’s good fun and is really appreciated. So here’s the first of a few ‘getting crafty’ posts so you can see what we made for one another… First up: making a bobble hat.

Becca wanted a bobble hat for Christmas, so I thought I’d make her one just with knitting needles and wool. And then I realised time was not on my side, so how would I do that? Thankfully, after scouring the internet for a while, I saw that the geniuses at A Beautiful Mess had shared a post about a bobble hat for lazy people (totally me) and I was sorted – phew! Below is my method in picture form, but of course head to A Beautiful Mess for the original version.

Making a Bobble Hat - Getting Crafty - This and That Blog

All my crafty ingredients including a hat you love the fit of and a grey wool skirt (this one’s from Primark)

Use the original hat as a stencil and pin the skirt. Then sew it up and turn it the right way round.

Everything you’ll need for making pom poms. Making a pom pom takes FOREVER! {why did no one tell me!}

Cutting the pom pom was super-duper stressful

Making a Bobble Hat - Getting Crafty - This and That Blog

So there we go, so easy yes? I think Becca loved the finished product. Well at the very least she wore it all day without removing it, so I think that’s a good sign yes! Have you ever made someone a present in the past? Any ideas on what I could make next time round?

– Fi x

Life Rambles: Feeling Grateful

Today we’re going to start the new year in a different way to most, not with resolutions galore (although losing weight, getting fit and throwing myself into new experiences are all on that list), but with a moment to reflect on feeling grateful. I don’t know about you but I feel like the last week, no month, has been all about the excesses and I’m not sure I’ve taken enough time to appreciate the good things and the good people in my life.

Feeling Grateful - Life Rambles - This and That Blog

So here we go, I’m super grateful for…

  • * people who know me so well and seem to get Christmas presents just right. I was super lucky to receive lovely things this year, that were exactly what I would have chosen given the chance. Clearly people know me so well and know what’ll make me happy. Yeah for having awesome people in my life.
  • * the crazy competitive nature of my immediate family. I appreciate you’re all their to play umpteen board games with me and encourage me to be as mean as possible when a dice, six plastic counters and a board is in front of me. Thank you for the competition and the hysterical laughter that occurs.
  • * the beautiful country I live in. Being back at home and going on numerous walks allowed me to remember how stunning the Surrey countryside is. It really is beautiful on a crisp and cold sunny day and I really am lucky to get to visit it regularly.
  • * a log burning fire. Since returning to London I’ve had cold fingers permanently thanks to being horribly spoilt at home with a log fire. I basically sat in front of it every day for a week and it was wondrous.
  • * family time. I have the best family in the world. So being allowed to spend a full week with them was just the best. My crazy family are the ones who have me laughing hysterically all the time, eating all the food and showing the brightest smiles. They’re just awesome.
  • * so much time off of work. My work shuts down over Christmas, meaning I get a proper break and can fully rest and recharge. So far I’ve had a full on week of celebrations and catch ups, followed by a few days of organising and planning. As for the rest of my time off, it’ll involve more of the same. Just perfect.
  • * friends allowing me to spend their special day with them leave me feeling grateful. One of my oldest friends got married just before Christmas and I was lucky enough to be invited. The whole day was just wonderful, packed full of festive touches, lots of laughs and so many wonderful memories. I’m so glad I get to share their wedding day with them.

So tell me, what in your life has you feeling grateful?

– Fi x

Life Rambles: Top 10 of 2014

A couple of weeks ago I saw this Thank you 2014 post over on Lemon Freckles. After devouring the post I marveled at what a great idea it was. I loved how Toni had found a way to mention a few highlights from the year without going overboard. To be honest with you I find that the long rambling posts about the year are just too much for me. The thing is I’ve been following most of these blogs I read for a full year, so I already know the full ins and outs of that trip to America or the wedding highlights. A few select subjects with some pictures and a couple of sentences is much better (in my opinion anyway). So obviously after reading Toni’s chatter I quickly realised that I would have to commemorate 2014 in the same way. Luckily Fi was totally on board and so here we are, to deliver our Top 10 of 2014.

We decided to combine our 14 things into one post. Hopefully you can keep up with who did what and when!

Family Celebrations – there have been so many family celebrations this year. With Mum and Dad both turning 60 and Becca turning 21 we were able to fit in a lot of quality family time. There was also two visits from Australian relatives this year, which gave us even more chances to catch up. We welcomed new family members and re-engaged with older ones too.

Half Marathon Running – While I’ve had a bit of a moan about my running skills recently (see here) I really need to give myself a break – In 2014 both Fi and I completely the Surrey Half Marathon in under 2 hours 30 minutes. I am so so proud of this achievement. I still can’t actually believe that I was able to do this. But I did and I loved every minute of it. Fi must have agreed as we have both signed up for it again in 2015. Bring it on!

Being Healthy – I’m so thankful that all my loved ones were healthy in 2014. Yes there were aches and pains, but nothing too serious touched our lives in those 365 days.

Becoming a Godmother – In January one of my best friends gave birth to one gorgeous little munchkin. If that wasn’t a treat in itself, she then asked me to be godmother to beautiful Bella. I was completely over the moon and honoured to accept (check out Bella’s cute face here).

Travels abroad – This year the pair of us headed to Portugal twice, for family time over our birthday and then relaxation time in September. Both were excellent, but I have to admit that the 10 days in September were so perfectly timed and the most blissful holiday around. We also managed to fit in a weekend away with friends to Amsterdam. What a fabulous city, and it certainly reminds me that I should spend more time discovering other European cities.


Sunny times in Portugal

Fi taking a chance, taking a new job – Okay so this was technically last year, but starting in November 2013 meant I wasn’t really in the groove of things until 2014 and now that I’ve been their a full year I can honestly say it’s the best decision I could have made. I’ve got more respect and been given more opportunities and I’m having so much fun showing what I can do. I recommend a switch to all of you if you’re stuck in a bit of a job rut.

Making house decisions – Always good at procrastination the pair of us finally made decisions about our flat and it looks like new things are coming in 2015.

Exploring the UK -This year has also been about exploring England. There has been trips to The Peak District, Chester, Saffron Walden and plenty of London explorations.


 Family walks in the Peaks

This blog – 2014 brought us this blogging space. After a few years of sharing a food blog and running our own individual blogs we took the step to blog on all the things together, in one place. I don’t regret one minute of this decision, I love this collaborative experience, we share content, have someone to bounce ideas off and there’s always a back up if you need a blogging break!

Simple pleasures – If feel like 2014 is the year when I recognised the simple things in life. With so much going on it’s easy to forget the little things that provide pleasure, so here’s to you, the walks on the Common, coffee breaks and lazy days. Sometimes you are just what the doctor ordered.


Coffee and a good book

 What about you lovely people? What are your 2014 highlights?

The Book Corner: Books of 2014

As you know both Fi and I are mahoosive bookworms. Give us a spare hour and a good book and we’ll both be happy bunnies. On that note we have decided to create a 2014 bookish update as a way to look back and reflect on particular highlights (and low lights) on our 2014 reading life.

Note: you can read my answers in purple and Fi’s in yellow.

The number of books read in 2014…

In 2014 I planned to read 50 books in my Good Reads challenge. I hit that target back in October (read the post here) and since then I’ve been reading less. Not for any particular reason, but because I’ve been knitting and listening to podcasts instead. Plus with the run up to Christmas life has been a tad hectic. Anyway my total number of books read in 2014 is 64. You can read the full list over on my Good Reads page. 

I set myself the challenge of reading 52 books in 2014 and I succeeded – whoopee! I’ve actually smashed my target as I’m currently on book number 60 (Mary Poppins is my current read). If we’re being 100% accurate you’d have to add another 10-15 on to this number as I have to read a lot for work. These are often books that can’t go on here as they’re super top secret and not yet out. So I don’t think 60 is a bad number. If you fancy a gander you can read my full list of books read in 2014. Have you read any of the same ones?

A book or books that you couldn’t put down…

Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty, Ghostman by Roger Hobbs and Rubbernecker, Belinda Bauer.

Ooh there’s too many to chose from, but if I have to chose just a few I suppose it’ll have to be: Stephanie Perkins’ Anna and the French Kiss series (all so good and all read in one week), Rooftoppers by Katharine Rundell (an absolute classic), Daughter by Jane Shemilt (talk about a page-turner and what a surprise ending) and The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (so so funny). Ooh and We Were Liars by E. L. Lockhart.

One that you gave up on…

Will Grayson, Will Grayson – I was expecting a lot from this book and it just didn’t live up to it. Completely my own fault for expecting too much. I am hoping to try this book again and finishing it!

I gave up on just two books this year, which is less than I anticipated. The two books were The Night Circus and The Light Years and the reason? I just couldn’t get into them. I’m not sure I was in the right mind frame when I started both of these books and I know I need to be as I’m sure I’ll love both books finally. 

Would recommend to everyone…

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

Sally Gardner’s Maggot Moon

Favourite Series…

The Chaos Calling series by Patrick Ness. 

Stephanie Perkins’ Anna and the French Kiss series as I could not put them down. They were all like a big warm hug, just wonderful.  

Want to read again soon…

I’m looking forward to reading The three books from The Lunar Chronicles series again, in anticipation for book number 4 – Winter – in 2015.

Running Like a Girl. such an inspiring and motivating read (something I need right about now).

A book jacket that caught your eye…

I really like the look of Jane Shemilt’s Daughter along with the Kindle edition of To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee.

The new look Mary Poppins is beautiful. 

A book that took you by surprise…

The House at Paradise Street by Sofka Zinovieff – I had no idea that I had this book, I don’t remember buying it at all! I decide to read it on a whim and I was completely hooked on the character and story. It’s a time in history that I know nothing about and I was fascinated to learn more.

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler really surprised me as I just didn’t get it. I was expecting to love it as it received such universal high praise, but I really didn’t get sucked into it at all as expected. I didn’t really like, and couldn’t get on with, any of the characters. All in all it was quite disappointing.

Plans for the 2015 Good Reads Challenge…

For 2015 I’m sticking to reading 50 books. I’m hoping to read more like I did this year, but I don’t want to aim too high.

I’m going to stick to 52 books in 2015 as I think that’s achievable and on top of that number I want to read more variety. So fit in more classics and non-fiction and alternate more between different genres. There were times in 2014 where I read about five YA books in a row and it would be good to curb that in 2015.

Do you have any 2014 favourite reads?

Laura and Fi xxx