Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #58

Hello and happy Friday! Welcome to edition 58 of Friday favourites, yippee! I’m super excited today as by the time you read this I’ll be Leeds bound for a joyful weekend with the besties and I simply can’t wait. So let’s make that number one on today’s Friday favourites list, shall we? After all I’ve spent the last week looking forward to this trip. It’s going to be brilliant!

This and That Blog - Life Rambles - Friday Favourites #58

Also on this week’s Friday favourites list is the fact that we’ve made major house progress this week. Not only have we got rid of the mantelpiece from hell (no exaggeration I promise). We’ve also got one alcove full of built-in shelves, and two more that are well on the way to being full too. YIPPEE! Anyone that read our recent January House Update post will know just why this is such a big deal. Hooray for house progress.

In other awesome news my awesome new prints from Dorkface Shop arrived (just two days after ordering) this week. And everything is so beautiful, even more so than I’d imagined they’d be. So expect to see those up on the blog soon, just as soon as I sort out my picture wall in the bedroom. So knowing me it’ll be in about four years time…

This and That Blog - Life Rambles - Friday Favourites #58

This week I’ve had two opportunities to wander around London before the city has properly woken up. And both times I’ve been afforded glorious sites, bright colourful Carnaby Street facades, Liberty devoid of people and the streets of London at sunrise. Simply beautiful. It really does make me adore this city even more than I ever thought possible. So that’s number four on the Friday favourites list today.

This and That Blog - Life Rambles - Friday Favourites #58

Oh and we mustn’t forget to mention last Friday’s epic besties catch up, with my oldest friends over pizza. We talked about a ridiculous array of things, dived into a YouTube hole featuring Michelle Obama and Joe Biden and then finished it off with the most insane veggie breakfast at my favourite local tearooms. It really was wonderful and I loved every minute. Lucky me for having simply brilliant friends in my life.

What else has made me happy this week? Well there’s been £2.00 bunches of tulips, puppy snuggles and the most wonderful helpful mother in all the land. So those are all worthy of the Friday favourites list. Then there’s been Gilmore Girls marathons and catch ups with the cousins over curry. Again, another tick off the Friday favourites list. Oh and breakfast at Dishoom and brilliant reads. Oh and regular texts from my goddaughter as she discovers the wonder of Harry Potter and has all the questions (and emojis) for me. Really there’s been many many wonderful things to add to the list of awesome things this week. I really am a very lucky egg.

This and That Blog - Life Rambles - Friday Favourites #58

So tell me, what’s made it on to your Friday favourites list? Share your happy things, I love knowing what little (or big) things have made your day or week too!

-Fi x

The Book Corner: Fi’s January Reads

How are we a month into 2017 already? What insanity is this?! Please tell me I’m not the only one that feels like this month has flown by, despite it being such a long month. Anyway, let’s get down to it, today’s post is a little January reading update. A moment for me to pause and reflect on the (hopefully) brilliant books I’ve read this month.

This and That Blog - The Book Corner - Fi's January Reads - January Reading Update

Despite January feeling like it’s flown by, it’s actually been a long old month, which has certainly helped me to read six books. Yes six books! How good is that for my Goodreads challenge! So what did I think of them?

January reading update #1 – Murder at the Old Vicarage by Jill Mcgown

First up in my January reading update is this gem of a book, which was originally published 30 years ago and has recently been republished to make the most of the Christmas mystery trend that’s happening right now. I finished this book over the Christmas holidays and it was definitely the perfect festive read.  while it had a Christmas setting, the time of year was almost second to the murder mystery of the story, which is the way it should be. Definitely better than them writing a festive read and shoehorning a murder mystery that is so obvious and badly thought out ino it. I really enjoyed the detective pairing in this novel and I definitely want to find more books featuring this pair.

January reading update #2 – Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas

When I unwrapped the next book on Christmas day I was very excited. After finishing book four at the start of December I was in dire need of the next story in this series and this book did not disappoint. It was incredible. You were introduced to more fascinating characters as Maas wove an epic story with her seven or so excellent characters. There were a couple of key scenes in this book that we’ve been building up to for a long while and they did not disappoint. As for the end, oh my. I was not ready for that. It’s safe to say that book six can not me published soon enough.

January reading update #3 – The Minaturist by Jessie Burton

I’ve put off reading this book for a long time, I think I downloaded it on my Kindle within months of its release and yet I’ve only just read it. The reason? I’m not good with books that get a lot of hype, unless I’ve read them before the hype starts. Otherwise they disappoint. However after reading (and loving) The Muse last year I knew it was time to give The Miniaturist a whirl. And? I was disappointed. It was enjoyable and it wasn’t not hard going like some literary reads can be. But I just didn’t really care about what I was reading. I was only turning the page to finish it. Well until the last 100 pages that is. And even when it was interesting I still felt a disconnect with it. Basically, I just didn’t get what the fuss was about.

January reading update #4 – The Scarecrow Queen by Melinda Salisbury

The final book in Melinda’s epic fantasy series did not disappoint. It had all the amazing characters, impressive world building, pacey action and brilliant storytelling that the first two books had in spades and that I’ve come to expect from the Sin Eater series. I love how Melinda’s female characters are so powerful and strong and don’t wait around for others to save the day or make the sacrifices – these are the role models we all need. This is a fitting end to a phenomenal series and I’ll seriously miss Twylla, Errin, Silas and co – hurry up everyone and read it. I need to get discussing my feelings on this book asap!

NB. I got an early copy of this as I work for Scholastic and worked on the campaigns for books one and two. But don’t worry these views are 100% mine.

January reading update #5 – Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

I loved this book. Despite not agreeing hundred percent with the ending I would still say it’s a brilliant read. I raced through the 400 odd pages in a matter of days and loved how Picoult opened my eyes to the issues of race. She had me questioning how I thought and felt and raised some really interesting theories and thoughts. I also loved her characterisation, how she managed to write three vastly different characters so well I do not know. But she somehow made it so you knew which characters perspective we were seeing each chapter, even when you didn’t read the name at the top. So very very good.

January reading update #6 – Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig

I’m ending my January reading update on a book that’s got a lot of buzz over the last few years. Reason’s to Stay Alive is a fascinating read and has made me think so much about mental health issues. It’s given me a small idea of how people suffering with their mental health feel and how I can help. It’s also given me some interesting ideas to ponder about how to react to certain things and what’s important. It really is an eye opening and inspiring read. I would recommend this book to everyone – it’s a must read.

Tell me, what’s your own January reading update look like? What have you been reading and which books have you loved?

-Fi x

The Home Front: The January House Update

So welcome to our very first monthly house update, following on from last week’s 2017 house plan where we discussed ALL THE THINGS that need doing in the house. So how’s it gone I hear you cry? We’ll our house progress has been minimal this month. Mainly because we’ve been waiting on tradespeople to get back to us. So there’s not a shed-load of progress to show – as you’ll see from the below.

January House Update - The Home Front - This and That Blog

One thing we have done is to create a super-colourful excel spreadsheet where we are tracking all the house jobs. This has made such a difference in many ways. Firstly we know exactly what needs to be done and who is in charge of it. And we’re able to keep a track of how much everything should cost. Spoiler: a LOT!

House Update: What’s been ticked off the list?

Lau’s been super organised and rearranged her room, which has made a huge difference. It looks so much bigger now.

We’ve also made progress on the kitchen, in so far as we’re in agreement that the sink needs moving but that the rest of the layout works as it is. So no need to move any of the appliances or the cupboard order around, we just need to update the cupboards, get a new work surface, a new oven and a new sink. Simple. Oh and we’ve done the all important measuring part of a new kitchen – who knew that was so complicated?

Other than that we’ve not really made much further progress this month. In our defense we have zero money, which is an integral part of making progress on the house. Plus it’s only been ten days since I decided I wanted to track our progress monthly.

House Update: What jobs have we progressed with?

There’s quite a few jobs that have moved forward over the last few weeks. Firstly we’ve booked in a few tradesmen to do some of the bigger jobs. So later this week we’ll be getting shelves in three of the alcoves – exciting! For two massive bookworms the current bookcase situation in this house is definitely not good enough.

The hideous fireplace is also being removed this week, one of the most important jobs on the house to do list if you ask me. The current fireplace is just the worst, and it’ll make such a difference to the living room

The final thing we’ve made progress on is the loft – we’ve finally booked in someone to floor it. Whoopee! It’s about time too, as it was last April that we cleared it out, yes we’ve done nothing on it for nine months. Oops!

House Update: What’s the plan for February?

We’re hoping to have a big old house update for you in February as the above bits of progress should mean we can move forward with loads of other jobs. Firstly, organising the loft. Once it’s boarded we’ll moving stuff up there. Everything from our summer clothes to the suitcases and the Christmas decorations to the blow up bed will be headed up there. It’s going to make such a huge difference to have more space in the house once all the clutter has gone.

In line with sorting out the clutter at home, we’re planning a big charity shop trip to dispense with four large boxes of stuff. Plus the council are going to pick up a lot of stuff from our shed. Basically February is all about a serious spring clean in the house!

Once we’ve got the shelves up it’ll mean that Lau’s room will be done, so that’s a big tick. Sorting the shelves also means we can paint the back room and get organising the shelves.

The final big job for February is to plaster the fireplace once it’s sans mantlepiece. We also need to add a shelf as a mantlepiece, paint the chimney breast and replace the hearth. It’s going to look so lovely!

Basically February is going to involve a lot of the big house jobs, which’ll certainly make up for January’s poor effort.

-Fi x

Out & About: My NYC Highlights

New York Highlights - Out and About - This and That Blog

My NYC Highlights

I’ve been lucky enough to go to New York City on four separate occasions; one day trip, 2 long weekends and a fabulous 10 days in the city to do all the exploring. During these trips I have been able to see so much of what the city has to offer. So that’s what this post is all about, I’m sharing my top things to do in New York City. My NYC highlights if you will.


1. See a Show

Broadway is on your hotel doorstep, so while you’re in NYC take in a show. Whether it’s a play or a musical there will be so many options to choose from. On my last trip I saw The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall and also an off-Broadway production called The Puffs. Both were good fun and highly entertaining. Take a look before you go and try to book and pay for your tickets in advance, it’ll feel good to be organised and spreading the cost of the trip is always useful!

2. Walk the Highline

I only managed this on my latest visit and I am kicking myself for not doing it on the previous trips. The Highline is a 1.45 mile disused elevated railway line running  through the West Side of Manhattan. It runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street. We decided to grab coffee and pastries and head onto the Highline from the bottom entry point on Gansevoort Street. We then walked the whole length, until 30th Street. It’s a stunning way to view the city, nosy in apartment buildings, view sculptures, people watch, traffic watch on the streets below and look out across the adjacent river. There’s something quite nice about walking so many blocks of the city without having to stop for traffic lights too!

3. Walk through Central Park

Next up on my list of NYC highlights is Central Park, because duh! Until you visit the city there is no way you can understand just how big Central Park is. There are endless paths and trails, hidden nooks, giant trees  and so much green space to enjoy it’s easy to forget that you are in the centre of a bustling city. This past trip saw a quick breakfast wander through the park with coffee and bagels, but on the visits before that I spent a lot longer in the park. When I was travelling myself and my travel companions would gravitate this way around lunchtime with snacks from food vendors or salad boxes from Whole Foods at Columbus Circus. We’d wander through the park looking for a new spot and then while away a few hours, eating, talking, reading our books and having naps. It was utter bliss and the perfect way to finish our trip. I still have a dream of going for a run through the park. Maybe around the reservoir or maybe I’ll pound my way through the obvious tourists spots, the Alice in Wonderland statue, Strawberry Fields, the row boat lake and the many bridges and fountains of countless film sets.

4. Top of the Rock

I’ve been up both The Empire State Building and the Rockerfeller Building and I have to say that the Top of the Rock does afford you the better view. You are able to see all of the city, including the Empire State building and you have an unimpeded view of Central Park, which is stunning.

5. Christmas lights

If you happen to be in New York City at all in December then make sure you take a tour of all the Christmas lights around the city. We opted for a wander around the city in the early morning (read more about that trip here), which allowed us to see all the lights without a huge crowd of people between us all. Also a trip to see the Rockefeller tree is definitely a NYC highlight.



6. The food

Number six on my NYC highlights list is the food. There are bagel or pretzel carts on every corner and I honestly don’t think you can visit New York City without stopping at these at least once. Then take the opportunity to munch on Shake Shack in the park, marvel at the extensive Starbucks menus, grab pizza by the slice all over the city or head to City Kitchen which has an array of market type stalls selling everything from ramen to doughnuts – yummy! Ooh and if you can stop for an afternoon snack at Max Brennen’s Chocolate by the Bald Guy, which is exactly what you expect it to be, then you won’t be disappointed.

7. 9/11 Memorial Museum

I found this an emotional rollercoaster of a museum, but overall I am pleased I visited. I was surprised that walking into the museum took me back to my memories of that day – I suppose it makes sense, but I didn’t expect it. The numerous memorials were both poignant and touching and I found standing around the water fountain so peaceful.

8. Ice Skating in Central Park

I love ice skating it’s one of my favourite things to do in the winter months. I can’t skate backwards or anything, but I normally manage to stay upright and enjoy myself. So to be able to skate around Wollman rink in the middle of central park is amazing, which is what makes it number eight on my NYC highlights list.

Have you been to New York City? What were your NYC highlights? Please share, I’d love to hear about your visits to the city that never sleeps! Laura xx

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #57

Hello lovelies, how are you all this week? Man has it been a chilly one. Winter is well and truly here. I do love the seasons, and they are definitely one of the perks of living in this beautiful country, but still at this time of year I am always completely under prepared. It’s like I forget where I live! And what winter actually means. What is wrong with me? I had to hunt out my gloves the other day – useless. I think maybe if I lived somewhere truly cold I’d probably be better prepared, but here in London the weather kids you into thinking you’ve escaped that arctic snap and then suddenly it snows. Eeek! Anyway, enough of my moaning, let’s move on to this week’s favourite things. 

A roast dinner is one of my favourite meals, so of course it’s one of my favourite things for this week. I know that makes me terribly British, but I don’t reckon that’s a bad thing. On Sunday I headed back to Surrey to visit the parents (and the dog) on a flying visit. Whilst there I was treated to a delicious roast beef dinner. Complete with crispy potatoes, fluffy Yorkshire puddings and my favourite, leeks in white sauce (that’s my Welsh side coming through, right there!). 

Friday favourite things, running in Surrey

running views

Also while I was back in Surrey I had time to go for a run, I was joined by my Dad and we went on a 3 mile run through the countryside. From the Sheepleas woodland, down through the fields and back to my parents’ house. It’s the first 3 mile run I’ve done in a while and it made me feel really good. I’d forgotten how much running through hills makes my legs work and also that euphoric feeling when it’s all finished is one of the best around.

On Tuesday I headed out at lunchtime for cake. My work buddies and I have created a new tradition of visiting Melba to treat ourselves to eclairs, so this will definitely be a Friday favourite on any of those birthday weeks. Hooray for birthday celebrations! Melba has so many delicious looking eclairs, this week I opted for my current favourite, salted caramel, it tastes divine and looks magnificent with pieces of fudge and marshmallow on top. If you’re ever walking along the Strand in London you must stop in for a patisserie feast.

Another one of my favourite things from this week was when I discovered an unopened box of mince pies. I don’t know how I’d missed it until now, but rediscovering this box was definitely a highlight of my week. 

This week I’ve been devouring Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Burdago and I absolutely love this book. It’s full of fascinating characters, intricate storylines and epic twists and turns. I really really need a follow on book, but alas this does not exist. I’m not sure how I will be able to carry on with my reading life now.

My final favourite thing to tell you all about is a trip to the cinema. I headed to Picturehouse Central on Wednesday to finally watch La La Land, and I loved it. I didn’t necessarily get the massive hype about it, but I did enjoy it. It was all sorts of marvellous and happy and enchanting to watch. Plus what catchy music! 

So there we have it. My favourite things of the week, the little pieces of my week that have made me smile through the freezing waits at a train platform or train strike evenings. How have you survived the week? What little things have kept you going? Please share.

Laura xxx

Clothes Rail: Wardrobe Planning – Buy Less, Choose Well


I’ve been thinking about having a bit of a wardrobe planning session for a while, but just haven’t been able to decide exactly what’s needed. Until now that is! My new wardrobe is going to be about buying fewer clothes but ones that are better in fit and quality. Therefore they’ll last longer and presumably I’ll wear them more often. Whilst I’ll have less items in my wardrobe they will all have been carefully considered and therefore, hopefully, all work better together than my current mismatch does!

I can also take this wardrobe planning idea one step further, and choose items that would be considered classic pieces – ones that won’t age or go out of style in six months time. I’m thinking stripes, smart blazers, block colours, colours that mix well together – like greys and blues with a splash of mint. And then I’ll add jewelry that will add a bit of interest to an outfit and lift it from okay to spectacular. My theory is that this new wardrobe will mean I always look pulled together, but with the minimum of effort. That’s going to work, right?

I’m actually quite good at the colour thing – I generally stick to blues, blacks and greys with splashes of colour in the form of striped tops, burgundy or pink, and occasionally some cobalt blue. But when it comes to the actual items that I own and wear – that’s where it all goes wrong. I don’t really have some of the key pieces.

So plain dresses aren’t really a thing in my wardrobe – I only own one, a burgundy dress. And then blazer wise I have one turquoise one, which definitely doesn’t meet the criteria of the above. Tops wise I have a lot of the aforementioned stripes or colours, but if we’re talking plain tops that can mix in with the pops of colour and plain bottoms I have nothing. No white shirt, no black t-shirts and not even any plain coloured tops…eek! So yes, my wardrobe does need work – wardrobe planning is needed!


Black Blazer / Striped Dress / Blue Blazer / Black Dress

Hence why I’ve been perusing the sales (and the non-sale sections) with a view to buying key pieces. At the moment I’m lusting after the following. I think these items would make such a difference to my wardrobe. Granted they’re not all super high quality, but when it comes to tops I don’t really think that’s necessary. I’d rather save my money for a decent jacket, pair of trousers, or a coat.


Black Top / Grey Jumper / Red JumperPatterned Top

Navy Lace Top / Flowered Top / Striped Top / Bird Top

More plain tops and blazers in my wardrobe will mean I can wear all the colourful or patterned skirts that I already own without fear of clashing. And adding a couple of thin jumpers in a variety of colours will work perfectly when all layered together. Plain dresses, like the black Oliver Bonas one above, can be dressed up or down and will be key. Then, once I throw on a bright necklace from Accessorize it’ll be the perfect outfit.

Do you have a wardrobe theme or do you need to do your own wardrobe planning session? What are your top tips, share them with me, please!

-Fi x

All Things Fitness: My Running Guide

running guide

Hello, and welcome to my own little running guide. For me last year was a bit of a stall in terms of running, I got out of the habit of going each weekend, what with illness and weekend trips away, that when I did have the time and capacity for a run I didn’t go. For me the hardest thing about going for a run is just that; actually going for a run, the physical act of stepping out of the door and making my legs move. I find that once I’m out I actually enjoy myself, in fact I found a draft blog post earlier that I abandoned about 6 months ago and in that I talk about how the first 2 miles are hard, but the longer I run the easier it becomes. And I’d forgotten all about that fact.

So that’s why I am writing this post. To give myself something to look back on, to give myself a running guide, for those times when my brain isn’t in the mood to run. And maybe it will be useful to people that are just starting to run. Who have downloaded a Couch to 10k app in a burst of January New Year resolution making, but need a little running guide to help them through.

Get out and run

Make the decision to go for a run. It’s the first step and the hardest part. But just do it. Get out and go. Remember that when you’re out there it’s not actually as bad as you think it will be. And you will enjoy it, you’re always surprised at the end how good it feels to just run.

Plan a route

Work out where you’re going. Whether it’s a loop around the park or a route through your neighbourhood, have a plan. When you don’t have a route it’s easy to turn back sooner. With a route even if you slow down and walk 95% of the time you will still finish the route.

Don’t think about distance

Don’t think about the distance that you want to run, just start running and see what happens. Follow the route you’ve planned and put one foot in front of the other. Focus on the pavement or track in front of you, of moving your legs and arms in a rhythm. That is it. That’s all you need to do.

Don’t give up

If you get tired or get a stitch, don’t turn back. Walk for 30 seconds and then go again. You’re out and running, so make the most of it.


Create a running playlist, choose songs that are going to motivate you. Those that will keep you running, and not let you stop, so that in the moment that you are thinking about stopping those particular songs will come on and spur you on that little bit further. For me it’s Eye of the Tiger or Run this World. There’s no way I can stop when those tracks are playing.

Stay safe

Be sensible about where and when you run. If it’s pitch black outside then don’t run by yourself near the canal or in the park. Choose well lit, safe evening routes and try to avoid cold mornings, when there’s black ice to contend with.

So there we have them, my top tips for running at this time of year. Obviously these are personal to me, but maybe they’ll help you too. For all you other runners out there, what other points would you add?

Laura xx



Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #56

If ever there was a need to focus on the positives, the little bright sparks of joy, it’s during this week of terrible things, not least what’s happening today in Washington DC. If ever there was a need to focus on the positives, the little bright sparks of joy, it’s this week of terrible things, not least what’s happening today in Washington DC, so with that in mind let’s dive in.

This and That Blog: Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #56

So it’s cold at the moment, like toe-curlingly, numb nose, ‘Can I even feel my fingers?’ cold, but that does mean that the sky is glorious all the damn time. I mean the sunrises have been spectacular, all red and pink, with splashes of purple. And then during the day we’re dealing with bright blue skies and now clouds – how lovely is that?

When it’s cold I like to focus on snuggly things, especially when fighting another cold. So evening’s this week have consisted of biscuits and hot chocolates, snuggling in bed early and reading all the books and breakfasts of porridge, nutella and porridge. It’s been a joy. All this lying in bed snuggled up reading has meant I’m already on book number four and that I’ve finished both Empire of Storms and The Miniaturist this week. It’s so good to be in a good reading place right now – and don’t panic there will be a reading update on the blog at the end of the month so you can find out which book received three stars and which received five (or you could just pop to Goodreads to find out!).

This and That Blog: Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #56

I was in Manchester for the last weekend, visiting my best friend from University and her family – including my eight year old god-daughter. Not only did I have a lovely weekend of catchups and afternoon tea and cosy times on the sofa discovering just what exactly Minecraft is all about, but I also got to watch as my god-daughter discover the world of Harry Potter. She’s currently reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the first time and is enjoying it so much she read it in the car, that just gave me so much joy! She also had all the questions about it and I found it so hard to not answer, but I really wanted to ensure there were no spoilers – easier said than done when an eight you ear old is interrogating you!

This and That Blog: Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #56

My final happy thing, getting Hamilton tickets. YIPPEE. So I don’t get to see it until January 2018, but I just don’t care. I have tickets and that’s the important thing. So now I’m just going to play the soundtrack non-stop for the next 12 months!

How’s your week been, what were your highlights?

-Fi x

The Home Front: The 2017 House Plan

It’s been months and months since we had a little house update for you, I think the last one was a little update on my bedroom’s accessory storage system, way back in May. Eek. With that in mind, and what with it being a new year and all, I thought a little check on where we are with the house and what we’re planning for it in 2017 was in order.

This and That Blog: The Home Front: The 2017 House Plan

To say we’ve got grand plans for the house in 2017 would be an understatement! There’s still loads we want to do and ideally we’ll have most of it done for August in time for our two-year house-iversary. {Side note: how did that happen?!}

So first up, what we’ve done.
Completed the downstairs toilet
The Spare Room
Made plans for Fi’s Room
Finished the bathroom – there will be a post on that one soon, I promise!
Fitted the loft hatch and ladder
Bought furniture for the back reception room and dining area

And now, onto what we want to do this year, gulp!
Put up pictures in Fi’s room – and then they’ll be a blog update on her room
Put up pictures in the bathroom
Sort shelves for Lau’s room and hang some pictures
Board the loft floor so we can have all the storage in there
Living Room:
– Sort out the fireplace of doom
– Hang up pictures
– Finish painting the living room
Get a new kitchen
New floor for the back reception room
Paint the kitchen, dining area and back reception room
Get built in shelves for the back reception room
Sort out the garden – clear the mess and plant some evergreen bushes
Clear out the garage, paint the floor and walls, sort some shelving and create a games room

So yes, that list is a little overwhelming…

But we’ve broken it down into smaller jobs and have started to earmark certain weekends for some of the bigger projects. So I think we’ll definitely get there over the coming months. As a way to force us into action (and more importantly stop dithering when making decisions) I’m thinking of starting a little monthly update on the blog for you all. Just so we can be held slightly accountable and so we can share where we are with the bigger projects and what we’ve completed of the smaller ones. What do you think, would that be interesting to anyone but me? I have to admit I’m the most nosey person ever so this type of post is like catnip for me!

Anyway, check back at the end of the month to read the first update, eek that only gives me 14 days to actually do some of those projects…

-Fi x

Wishlists: Shopping the January Sales

Good morning and welcome to a quick wishlist based on the January sales. I’ve been having a look around over the last couple of weeks and these are the things that have been catching my eye. I’ve actually already bought the skirt and mug from Cath Kidston because who doesn’t need a cowboy mug or a skirt covered in pencils? No one, that’s who. Other than that I’ve picked up a few grown up things that I needed, so a suitcase and a lamp for my house. But this list if full of things that I want rather than what I need.



What has everyone else been buying in the sales? Or do you have a New Year’s Resolution to spend less and ignore the shops?

*update* I actually have ordered two dresses (this one and this one) and the coat since I first started compiling this list. But I may not keep them. And it’s still not that bad. Is it??!

Laura xx