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The Book Corner: 2016 Recent Reads Part – 2

  We’re halfway through April and I’m already making good progress on my reading goal of the year. My original GoodReads challenge was to read 50 books in 2016, so far I’m onto book 21. Now I don’t want to get too excited, but it’s looking like I might actually complete this challenge this year –… Read more »

The Book Corner: Four Favourite Reads

Happy Monday everyone! Are we all ready to take on the world and get all the things done? I’m determined to have a productive week ahead of my trip to Bruges this weekend and the resulting two-day week when I’m back! Fingers crossed that works! Anyway, back to the point of this post: books! I’ve read… Read more »

The Book Corner: A Few Favourite Reads

Let’s talk about books. It’s been a while since we’ve had a bookish conversation around here. In truth I fell out of reading at the end of last year. Life just got too busy, there was so much going on, commutes were spent catching up on emails and other life/work admin tasks, weekends and evenings… Read more »

The Book Corner: Bookshelf Decisions

Book worm. Book lover. Bookish. Book obsessed. Those are just some of the words I’d use to describe myself. But the name isn’t important, not really, what’s important is that these words mean one thing. That bookshelves were a priority in our new house. So making a bookshelf decision is a big deal for us…. Read more »

Thought of the Day #33: Books

I’m with Terry Pratchett when it comes to books. If you have enough space for them then you’re not my sort of person! I just don’t understand how that can be a thing. When it comes to books I don’t think I could ever have enough space. Not even if I had that amazing library… Read more »

Thought of the Day #29: A Good Book

Yep JK has this right. Books are indeed full of magic, and finding a good one, one which grips you right to the end, is magical indeed. Whether it’s a twisty turning plot, exceptionally real characters or a story that grabs you from the off, when you find that book it’s one of the best… Read more »

The Book Corner: Only Ever Yours

Captivating. Horrifying. Intriguing. Uncomfortable. Addictive. These are just some of the thoughts I have about Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill. Before I get into all my feelings on this book, let me tell you a little bit about it.This novel tells the story of Frieda and Isabel who are bred (as all girls are) into… Read more »