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Life Rambles: Last-Minute Gift Ideas

So there’s just a week until Christmas and I’m still panicking about the bits and bobs I haven’t yet bought. There’s always someone who is super-tricky to buy for. Someone you end up leaving until the last-minute to sort out present wise, isn’t there? Inevitably I then get panicked and just buy whatever I can… Read more »

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #99

Merry Friday everyone! How are we all this week? I for one am totally ready for the weekend to begin. I’ve had a lovely week, but because it’s been my last full week in the office, and other people’s last week, it’s been super busy. I feel like I haven’t stopped at all. But it’s… Read more »

Life Rambles: Processing All My Thoughts This Christmas

Today I had planned to write a particularly festive blog post about all the joyful things, but my mind isn’t in it. I’ve been staring at a blank screen for way too long and the words I want just aren’t forming. My sentences look wrong and my thought process seems to be clunking its way around… Read more »

Thought of the Day #101: It’s a State of Mind

Yes to this – Christmas is about more than just one day, it’s about what that day signifies. Christmas is about family and friends, kindness and happiness, selflessness and generosity. It’s about putting others before yourself and just generally spreading joy. All things that we should consider doing year-round, not just on the one day or… Read more »

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #51

  I’m not one to moan but this week has been a particularly horrible one. I should clarify that nothing too out of the ordinary has happened, it’s not been a drastically terrible, big awful event week. But it has been a week in which I have been exhausted, and when I’m tired everything else… Read more »

The Book Corner: 10 Books I Want to Read This Winter

  In the upcoming weeks of Christmas I’m planning to read as much as possible, I want to truly relax as this year ends and allow myself to recharge my batteries for the year ahead. So once I’ve got all my shopping done and presents wrapped I’m going to curl up under a blanket with a good… Read more »

Life Rambles: A Christmas Bucket List

It’s finally here, the most wonderful time of year, hooray! And even better? It’s now socially acceptable to be celebrating it, because apparently it’s not allowed to be a ‘thing’ until the end of November. Who are these people who make you feel like you can’t be festive until then? I don’t like these people…. Read more »