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Rocky Road

Some days I want an uber sophisticated dessert. One that takes a lot of skill, looks amazing and will make people go ‘wow’. And other days it’s all about something quick, easy and delicious. Today’s recipe is one for the quick and easy moments in your life. When you can’t be bothered to turn on the… Read more »

Life Rambles: Last Minute Easter Egg Gifts

As previously mentioned the Easter weekend has somehow crept up on me unexpectedly. I guess this year Easter falls on the last weekend of March, so in that sense it is a little earlier than normal. But really it’s no excuse, that apart from making Creme Egg Brownies mid February, and buying all the daffodils, I’ve… Read more »

In the Kitchen: Chocolate Bark

What to do with the Easter chocolate? Now there’s a question that I don’t often hear from anyone I know. At least not normally. This year however we may have overstocked on the mini eggs. This is partly to do with the addition of a pick and mix table and also partly due to Fi… Read more »

Getting Crafty: Easter Ideas

Every year I have these grand crafty plans for Easter. I have visions of homemade Easter cards for the little people in my life, hand blown and decorated eggs, gorgeous Easter paper chains and loads of Easter cakes. Alas every year the reality is more like a batch of Mini Egg Blondies and a mad… Read more »