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Thought of the Day #64: Failure is Opportunity

I often have this indescribable fear that I’ll do something wrong, everything will go wrong and I’ll have failed whatever it is that I am trying to achieve. Be it a long run, a personal ‘to do’ list item, or a work related task. Why is that do you wonder? I mean if I do… Read more »

All Things Fitness: Giving Up on a Race

So for today’s all things fitness post let’s talk about running and failure. This past weekend was my first running race of 2016. At the very last-minute I signed up, with my Dad to the Bookham 10k. All the cool people run with their Dad by the way, except we don’t actually run together as… Read more »

Thought of the Day: Friends

Image source: Death to the Stock Photo It’s a Wonderful Life is one of my favourite films and these words are some of the truest spoken. With friends by our side we can get through most things and consider ourselves a real success.