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Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #23

It’s Good Friday people! Hooray for that and for the long Easter weekend. For me this weekend is an opportunity to be productive, while still having time to be lazy too! I’ve not got too much planned; some house organisation/DIY/painting, a trip to the parental units, seeing friends and a puppy walk. I really looking… Read more »

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #19

Gosh it’s a chilly start to the day, what’s with that? I actually saw a blanket of daffodils at the weekend and thought that meant that spring had arrived, but maybe not. It looks like spring is on hold for a few more days. But at least it’s started to arrive, I’ll hold that in… Read more »

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #16

It’s Friday guys, hooray for that! I feel like one of my favourites for this week should most definitely be making it to the weekend as it’s been a hard slog to get here. I’ve been totally exhausted, super busy, and just getting out of bed has been a mammoth task. So go me! Seriously,… Read more »

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #13

Half way through January and time for my first favourites of 2016. Long weekends – It’s the end of week two of 2016 and I’m already having my first holiday. That’s right, I couldn’t last 10 days are work without a break. Instead it’s 9 days of work and then a long five day weekend…. Read more »

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #10

Happy Friday chums! I hope it’s going to be a fabulous one for everyone. FYI we’ve only got 14 sleeps until Santa arrives! Talk about exciting and clearly a favourite thing this week! Now on to the rest of them… Bookish treats. With a couple of long train journeys recently, I’ve been able to engross myself… Read more »

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #8

To say I’m pleased it’s Friday is an understatement I am over-the-moon, jumping up and down excited that it’s Friday! This week has felt like a long one hasn’t it, tell me I’m not alone in this – please! I think it’s been made worse because I’ve got an awesome four-day weekend planned with some… Read more »

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #7

Friday Favourites Number 1 – Waking up before my alarm goes off. It’s a little thing, but most days my alarm waking me at 06:45 is painful, I hate moving and it’s cold to get out of bed. But magically some days I wake before it wakes me and although I should be tireder because… Read more »

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #6

It’s Friday guys, we’ve almost made it to the weekend. Go us! So let’s round-up he week with my current favourites. Let me tell you friends there’s been some awesome stuff occupying this week! The trailer for Finding Nemo 2 was released this week along with the teaser poster and they’re both brilliant! I’ve always… Read more »