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Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #14

So, tell me, what things have made your week extra awesome? My week has been a weird one of half crazy work and half stress free puppy sitting days. So I’m currently very confused about what day we are on and what I’m meant to be doing next! But within all of that crazy week there… Read more »

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #9

For many reasons this week has been absolutely awesome, not least because it involved just four days of work, what dream are made of – am I right?! So let’s see what the best bits of the week were… First things first, we got a PUPPY! Well, the parents got a puppy and therefore I got… Read more »

Life Rambles: The Autumn Tag

The other day I spotted the Autumn tag over on Jennie’s lovely blog and knew I’d have to give it a whirl asap. After all I love Autumn and I love a tag post. So let’s dive into all things autumnal and discuss the best season ever! 1 – Okay, we’re talking coffee. What is your… Read more »

Smiley Happy Things #2

So another month is almost over, which is insane and crazy all at once. But September was a month of brilliantness so I’m not complaining that it sped by, if it had been slower it probably would have been less fun and exciting! So what have I been up to I hear you cry and what… Read more »