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Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #16

It’s Friday guys, hooray for that! I feel like one of my favourites for this week should most definitely be making it to the weekend as it’s been a hard slog to get here. I’ve been totally exhausted, super busy, and just getting out of bed has been a mammoth task. So go me! Seriously,… Read more »

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #12

Welcome to the first Friday Favourites post of the year! The first week back at work post-Christmas is most definitely a good time to stop and take stock of what has been good in the world recently. As let’s be honest it’s been a hard week, please tell me that’s not just me? I have… Read more »

Getting Crafty: Spare Room Inspiration

We’ve been busy little bees over the last few weeks. We’ve been assembling furniture, painting walls, choosing new furniture, spray painting anything that stays still for long enough, drilling and rearranging, rearranging, rearranging. Pretty soon we’ll be ready to unveil the first room in the new house on the blog and we’re pretty excited! But… Read more »

Life Lately: Eleven Days In

So we’ve been in the new house for eleven days now and it’s already feeling like home. I was worried we wouldn’t settle in for a while and that we’d feel like we were living in someone else’s house, but thankfully that’s not happened. Hooray indeed! The house itself is lovely and big, and it… Read more »

Life Rambles: Life Lately – July

Today we’re having a little life lately update, so read on for what happened in July. Reading I’ve read four books so far this month; The Paris Mysteries (Confessions #3), James Patterson, Before We Met, Lucie Whitehouse, Too Close to Home, Linwood Barclay and Triptych (Will Trent #1), Karin Slaughter. I think that’s a new monthly record for… Read more »

Life Rambles: Things I Forgot About Living at Home

As I mentioned the other week (over here) I am currently commuting to London from my parents’ house. While it’s not where I planned to be at this point in my life, I do truly believe that things happen for a reason and therefore this is what needs to happen right now. Or at least that’s… Read more »

Life Lately: Recently I’ve been…

What have you been up to lately guys? I’ve been a busy little bee with sister time, crazy work stuff and prepping for a house move. So busy busy, but super fun too. Here’s a little recently I’ve been list. I’d love to see yours, so why not link up below? Eating lots of chicken sandwiches, wraps… Read more »

My Top 10 of Now: March

These last few weeks have been pretty busy. I feel like I’ve had so much going on, all these things just running around and keeping my mind constantly awake. Honestly it’s been slightly draining. On the plus side there’s been lots of nice little things to keep me smiling, so here is my March top… Read more »