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Thought of the Day #106: Truths

With today’s thought of the day I’m sharing a little bit of Star Wars wisdom. Here’s what I think this quote means; your truth, what you believe, isn’t going to be the same as everyone else’s truths. We are all different people, with different experiences of life, and therefore we are never going to agree… Read more »

Thought of the Day #30: Be Grounded

Image Source No, contrary to popular belief I didn’t choose to share this quote today just because I wanted to use an autumnal picture, that’s just a happy coincidence! Look at the colours of those leaves though – utterly splendid! Today’s post is a reminder to be grounded and this quote reminds me of that…. Read more »

Life Rambles: Recently Pinned

Gosh, I love Pinterest. Isn’t it just a never-ending source of wonderfulness? I could (and do) waste hour upon hour browsing all its loveliness. Above are a few of my favourite pins from the last few weeks. As you can see it’s all about Christmas, food, quotations and house loveliness. With a cute puppy thrown… Read more »