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Out and About: Places to Eat in Oxford

A blog post all about food? Isn’t this the best thing ever? Today I’m sharing a few of the food places Fi and I sampled during our birthday trip to Oxford. When we were planning our trip I looked online for some blog posts detailing places to eat in Oxford, but I came up empty-handed. They… Read more »

Out and About: A Day in Wales

Walking the Wales Coastal Path, along the Monknash Coast When I was younger I used to go to Wales at least once a year. We’d go for a week every August and stay with family friends and there would be lots of beach trips and picnics and generally catching up and whiling away the hours… Read more »

Out and About: Betty’s Harrogate

Afternoon Tea. Oh how I love you! Let me count the ways; scones & clotted cream, fancy cakes that a normal human would never be able to make, triangle sandwiches with fillings that would be boring anywhere else, the best china and oodles and snoodles of cups of tea. How blissful. Us Brits sure do know… Read more »

Out and About: The Hogwarts Express

In my latest Top 10 of Now post I mentioned that I had been back to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in honour of thirtieth birthday milestones. Our original plan was to visit back in February, but just before booking our tickets it was announced that Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express would be… Read more »

Out and About: Poppies at the Tower

For a while now Fi and I have both been harking on about doing more of the tourist things in and around London. We’ve both become guilty of ignoring the places closes to us. Silly I know, as we are both incredibly lucky to live where we do, so we really should make the most… Read more »