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Visiting Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Welcome to post number one of many of our Australia trip. It’s been six years since my last visit to this glorious country and I managed to fit a whole lot of adventures into my two weeks. So be prepared to see posts for the next few weeks (or months depending how quickly I write… Read more »

Life Rambles: Friday Favourites #21

Once again this post is coming to you on a Saturday instead of a Friday. Unlike Fi last week I didn’t forget to write this, but I did expect it to be a day late. You see I’ve been in India for the past week and only returned on Friday, so I knew it was… Read more »

Out and About: Visiting the Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Today we’re talking Paris. Yes again! I can’t help it, this long weekend to France has been my only holiday this year since my week in Deal, Kent in April. Seven days of holiday does not a happy Laura make! On our first day in Paris we started by visiting the Arc de Triomphe. The arch… Read more »

Out and About: Dorset Days

I spent a lot of my childhood in Dorset. Dorset is where my Dad grew up and where my Grandparents lived for all of my childhood years. I have so many fond memories of days and weeks spent visiting my grandparents and exploring their county. The lazy walks around Wimborne Market, the kitkats at the… Read more »

Out and About: Poppies at the Tower

For a while now Fi and I have both been harking on about doing more of the tourist things in and around London. We’ve both become guilty of ignoring the places closes to us. Silly I know, as we are both incredibly lucky to live where we do, so we really should make the most… Read more »